Friday, January 3, 2014

Congressman McGovern: Snowden More Whistleblower Than Villain

Congressman Jim McGovern (D – MA) has joined a growing number of members of Congress who believe that a deal should be struck to return Edward Snowden to the U.S.

Speaking to BuzzFeed McGovern said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s more of a whistle-blower than a villain. I’ve kind of wrestled with his actions for quite some time because part of me would like to think that in this country there is a process in place where people can do the right thing and not get punished for it. The more I learn about his particular case I’m not sure there was a process in place where he could have presented what he found out and actually changed things.” 

He went on to say, “I’d rather have him in the U.S. than have him in Russia, and maybe there is an opportunity to work out some sort of a deal. I think the outrage people in the administration have expressed toward Edward Snowden ought to be more focused on how the NSA broke privacy laws.”

McGovern tweeted on Thursday that a New York Times editorial calling for clemency for Snowden was “thoughtful” and that he “agreed with much of it.” 

“I’m not saying Edward Snowden’s a hero, but the more and more I learn about the overreach by the NSA, and how privacy has been trampled, I think it’s outrageous,” McGovern said. “That’s not the United States of America. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was happening in Russia or China, but not here.”


  1. This is an individual who put his as on the line to expose all the illegal shit our government does by way of violating the constitution. You know, that document that is supposed to protect and not subvert our freedoms. And how ironic that this administration has brought more injustice to bear on whistle blowers than any president prior. Irony indeed............

  2. Maybe if the good Mr. McGovern is so concerned about Snowden's moral status he can call his buddy in Cuba, Fidel (do it soon, Jim) and get Snowden set up down there in that Worker's Paradise. That way Mr. Snowden will no longer have to endure the cold Russian winters, and will have the tropical splendor he deserves for being such a swell guy.


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