Monday, January 6, 2014

It Ain’t So, Joe

Former Town Councilor and die-hard Republican James (Joe) Marino can’t seem to open his mouth but to change feet.

Followers of local town politics will remember that he departed the Town Council not long after he admitted that he had leaked Executive Session minutes to the local press.

He has, in the typical pattern of most Republicans who go around in circles, followed in his own footsteps. 

In a letter in today’s Southbridge Evening News he takes the Town Council to task for their efforts to retain an acting Town Manager. This, of course, follows on the heels of his December 6th letter attempting to revive his previously repudiated effort to bring back a selectmen/town meeting form of government to Southbridge. 

Today’s letter is reproduced below:

In his letter he states:
“They [Town Councilors] violated the laws of the town charter once again, so the town manager can take care of one of his friends, Robert Reed. According to the rules of the town charter, the acting town manager should be Karn [sic] Hanois[sic], the finance director, who has been here for some time and should be up on all the issues.”

Wrong Joe!

Section 4-7-1 of the Town Charter says: ‘During the absence or disability of the town manager, an acting town manager shall be appointed by the council to perform the duties of the town manager. …
During a period of absence or disability of the town manager, pending the appointment of an acting town manager, the finance director shall perform the duties of the manager, provided however that an acting manager who is not a member of the council shall be appointed by the council as soon as possible.”

This provision is elaborated upon by the framers of the Charter in their explanatory notes:

….Note 6:  The finance director’s performance of the duties of the manager in Section 4-7-1 is intended to last only as long as it takes the Council to appoint an acting town manager.” 

Thus, the Council is properly following the process as dictated by the Town Charter.

Better luck next time Joe.


  1. Before somebody tries to distort the two subjects, the fact that I point out that Marino is wrong about the Charter, it does not indicate that I am backtracking on my earlier position that if Mr. Reed can do the job in less than three days per week, then we have to question why we need a full-time manager or, alternatively, ask to what extent the town hall as well as town departments are grossly overstaffed.

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  3. Steve Lazo former Town Council ChairmanJanuary 6, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    I have been saying this form of government does' not work! Joe is right on about the perks we offer Drive by town managers I agree with him on that, I never supported any department head to be able to take a town vehicle back and forth from home.I also believe all dept. heads should live in town including the Town Manager. I have nothing against Mr Reed im sure he will do a good job for the town but its not about him its about how much MONEY.On the issue of Selectmen vs Mayor form its either or for me as long as its not the present form Its not working!


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