Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Would You Answer O'Reilly?

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  1. I don't think there is a general downside to a woman being president. With that being said, the downside would be the baggage that she brings to the job. There is a lot of hype out there for a Hillary Presidency but how much of that is because of her politics or just because she is a woman. The idea of electing a woman, any woman, especially Hillary would bring disastrous consequences. Which Hillary would we elect: The cookie baking First Lady; The ethically challenged senate staffer; The carpetbagging Senator from New York; or the bungling Lady of Benghazi? She just has too much baggage to fit through the White House doors.

    So, I really do not have a woman in this fight because it does not matter the sex, but the politics. Over the last 6 years the current president has eroded the Constitution by nullifying parts of his own signature legislation for political purposes and to influence elections. We need to get back to a more balanced government where the Constitutional limits on the branches of government are in force. No matter our political stripe, we must always remember that our Constitution is meant to limit the government and empower the people.


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