Monday, February 24, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Meeting Agenda - February 24, 2014



February 24, 2014 –7:00 PM



1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call

3. Consider and accept Town Council Meeting Minutes of Monday, February 10, 2014.

4. Subcommittee Reports:
(a) General Government
(b) D.P.W.
(c) Education and Human Services
(d) Planning and Development
(e) Protection of Persons and Property
(f) Town Manager Search Committee

5. Chairman’s Announcements

6. Town Manager’s Announcements

7. Swearing In / Presentation
a) South County Leadership Team – Cassandra Acly, Director Economic                    Development
b) Bicentennial Committee Presentation – Steve Brady

8. Citizens Forum

9. Vote to approve the hiring of Civilian Dispatchers for the Police Department and       ratify the pay scale, benefits and job description for this position.

10. Vote to ratify the agreement between the Town of Southbridge and Municipal          Resources, Inc. (MRI) in the amount of $14,800.00 to perform services to            assist the Town in recruiting a Town Manager.

11. Vote to continue with the operation of the Southbridge Municipal Airport as an          airport.

12. Vote to approve the proposed Sign By-law changes as prepared by the General       Government Subcommittee Meeting on January 16, 2014.       Second Reading

13. Vote to approve the proposed By-Law changes as prepared by the By-Law             Review Committee and approved at General Government Subcommittee    Meeting on November 25, 2013.                                 Second Reading 

14. Councilors Forum

15. Discussion of next meeting date – Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers

16. Vote to Enter into Executive Session according to Chapter 39, Section 23B to consider the purchase, exchange, taking, lease or value of real property and to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining and to adjourn. 

17. Adjournment 

1 comment:

  1. I guess all the work isn't done in subcommittee after all.
    The sign bylaw discussion reminded me of Andy Kaufman wrestling women on SNL.

    Kudos to Shaun Moriarty for taking his stance and defending it against his lady counterparts. Making a sign bylaw against a business that isn't even here yet while it's not even being enforced on existing businesses is just bad governance. It leads to more of the same selective enforcement we've all come to know and hate in this town.
    Again, good job tonight Shaun.

    Welcome back Ozone - Welcome back!


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