Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marketti Launches New Website

Ken O’Brien

Marketti by Marketti
Local pundit, videographer and cartoonist extraordinaire Mike Marketti, has launched a new website.

The site, titled Southbridge Common, styles itself as an alternative source of news for Southbridge.

The initial offerings include a report on the efforts by James Sottile to secure an alternate position on the Liquor Licensing Board, a humorous take on the recent Town Council recognition of Rudy DiGregorio and a summary of the Town Council Chairman’s reaction to a citizen’s petition seeking a return to a town meeting form of government. 

In introducing his new website, Marketti writes:
I don't know if anyone else in Southbridge is tired of the lack of news from our local newspapers, but I hope to build this site to include local news by local residents. All the news, not just the news that the mainstream media feels is fit to print.
So if you have a story that you would like included on this site, or a letter to the editor, or even a local event, please use the contact page to submit your idea.
Freedom of the Press is only free for those who own the press. On this site, we believe in Freedom of Speech for everyone. 

We wish Mike well in his endeavor and welcome another alternative voice for the community.


  1. If this new site is going to be updated regularly, an RSS feed would be nice. Maybe the O'Zone could give him RSS code to use. Wouldn't have known about Mike's site if it hadn't shown up in the RSS feed from O'Zone.

  2. It's about time, now maybe the citizens will be informed about what is going on and will be able to voice our opinions. Congratulations Mike, we will be watching.

  3. This guy sucked at The News and I'm sure his web site will be just as sad.

  4. Will he be covering the school committee budget proposal meeting next week?

  5. It is nice to read that Southbridge now has a real Daily news source. I noticed Marketti at the Zplanning Board meeting tonight.
    Although they weaseled out of the Cumberland Farm subject, Marketti was there in case there was real news.
    Obviously this man cares a lot about our Community-we are lucky to have him.

  6. Did you really have to be anonymous to post that?

    1. Yes, because if a person speaks well of Marketti or others trying to straighten out the train wreck better known as town hall, the building inspector or others within town government can make your life a living hell, and there are numerous examples of this because it is the way the town does business.

  7. I just read Marketti's article on the Super Cumberland Farms coming to our pristine downtown. I keeping with his solid skills learned from The News years, he had the expected "correction" to his article.

    As an earlier poster noted, "This guy sucked at The News and I'm sure his web site will be just as sad." Gus that poster was correct.

    Keep up the "great" work!


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