Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quotations From (former) Chairman Meow

Ken O’Brien

Southbridge Town Councilor and former Chairman Catherine Nikolla has a distinguished history of injecting memorable bon mots into legislative discussions.

Who can forget her characterization of a segment of the town’s population as “pigs and barnyard animals”?

Then there was her catty reference to citizens in attendance at one meeting as “the peanut gallery”.

Let’s remember her infamous description of the Casella contract during the original debate on its adoption. “I’ve read this contract. This is a good contract”. That certainly wasn’t her sentiment during last November’s update on the remaining life of the landfill.

With a little more than three months left on her Council tenure (due to term limits) the august solon added to her catalog of snide pronouncements.

The remark came following the initial vote (later reconsidered) that defeated the proposed sign bylaw in its second reading.

Quoth her feline eminence, “I hate you all.” 

Well, right back at you Cathy.

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