Monday, March 17, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting, March 11, 2014 (Video)

Ken O’Brien

After a week of waiting, the video file of last week’s School Committee Meeting is finally available on line

Half the meeting is occupied with a discussion of a planned student trip to Spain.

At about the 43 minute mark we get the opportunity to witness Pat Gardner, Director of Teaching and Learning, discussing preparations for this year’s MCAS tests. The taking of these annual evaluation tests began today.

Then, at about the 49 minute mark, the committee discusses plans to develop the tool for evaluating the Superintendent. Not surprisingly the decision is unanimously reached to engage in such action at a meeting of the committee of the whole. I expect that this will be as easily available for public viewing as the recent committee of the whole on the FY 2015 budget.

Here, therefore, is the video of that meeting. Get out the popcorn and cold drinks…and No-Doz.


  1. 15.35 mark If you have younger children I hope to have them as I hope to be around for a long quite a while. LOL - ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS SAFE with this leadership group!
    Hope is not an employment strategy however the guidelines for survivor seem much more fitting in Outwit,outplay,outlast, the administration is a better employment strategy.

  2. The leadership in the district is absurd. Pat Gardner standing before the school committee discussing MCAS and how the results will improve. She clearly has no idea. This is the handpicked next superintendent. Be prepared Southbridge for the state to take the school over because they are entrusting people like Pat Gardner to run it. Clearly she had something to do with the complete overhaul of the principals. They won't admit that she is the true villain here.

  3. Of course she can claim that the MCAS can improve, she missinformed the public about them this year. You can't compare the sixth grade results 2013 to the sixth grade results 2012! It is a different test and a different child! You have to compare the 2013 sixth grade results to the 2012 fifth grade results to see if those children improved. If you did that, you would have seen mild improvements this year. Pat can state that there will be improvements next year because she will just change how they look at the results and nobody will be the wiser. Guess again. They are misleading the average at payer, watch out!

  4. Pat Gardner is the director of teaching and learning! What learning will there be in a school district that has turned over several teachers during the course of the year and not offered any support and communication. MCAS results cannot improve with Pat Gardner force feeding these lies down our throats. These lies just continue to keep coming from Buzz and Gardner. Lies like stating that the SMHS principal is out on leave only to see her job posted. Sounds like a strange medical leave or an ultimatum to leave or get kicked out.

  5. How can we expect our children to become ethical when all they hear are lies from our school system leaders?

    Last month Lauren McLoughlin went on a crying jag and finished with a diatribe at the end of a school committee meeting, then moved onto the Boston TV stations, because a blogger called her obese. She spoke out because she wanted her children to be spared. How does Lauren explain to her children about how people are treated in our schools?

  6. We homeschool our boys...and I am reminded *over and over again* why that is a fabulous decision in this community! Southbridge was a small town when I grew up here...I wisely moved away as an adult...and came back *only* to have my children close to continues to be a "small" town.


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