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Southbridge School Committee Meeting Agenda - March 25, 2014




March 25, 2014 –7:00 PM



TO: Town Clerk’s Office 
FROM: Basan Nembirkow , Superintendent of Schools 
DATE: March 14, 2014 
SUBJECT: Public Hearing Notice 
The Southbridge School Committee will be holding a public hearing on the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM in the Town Council Chambers. The amount being proposed to fund salaries, operations, and transportation for the 2014-2015 fiscal year is $26,282,197. 
Members of the public are invited to attend. 
Thank you.



  1. 26.282 million dollars! What a slap on the face to the taxpayers.
    We voted the people in - time to through them out.
    How do you make since of this massive hike when students are running to other districts?
    The superintendent could care less about the taxpayers when he lives 40 miles away.
    And from the way he has treated the employees, apparently, he cares even less about them.
    And the kids? Hell no one running our schools cares about them ever (unless they are the child of a school committee member).

  2. When is the school committee going to release the teachers contract for public viewing?

    Mrs Quinney? Isn't that your responsibility? I know it's not a SPED thing, but the people have a right to know what you all gave away.

  3. Can't wait to hear Buzz and the bobbleheads blow smoke up our backsides regarding their wasted money. They'll tell us that the unemployment costs were associated with the cafeteria realignment. That's a lie, as that happened 20 months ago. Extensions are long gone.
    A fact of unemployment cists can be found in math educator, Pamela Abate
    She was wrongly denied unemoyment benefits, appealed, had a hearing and won. The arbitrator soundly spanked Buzz for his actions. Thousands paid to Mrs. Abate in days, with much more to come. Wait for her law suit to be settled.
    The wrongly terminated guidance counselor has her appeal hearing next week
    Get the check book out taxpayers!

    But the BS McLoughlin and Buzz will spew tonight will bring out the puke bags to those of us watching.

    1. I wonder if they'll try to blame all their problems on the "negativity" being spread by this blog?

    2. They are obviously mistaking "reality" as "negitivity."

  4. I thought it was funny that a local facebook page that likes to think of itself as a community bulletin board didn’t carry Brian Lee’s article about the town manager’s budget message. That page tweets just about everything in the Telegram, but it didn’t carry that article.
    Strangely enough it’s the same page that banned the ozone after it joked about McLoughlin’s weight. The host of the page has run for school committee a couple of times and failed. She’s planning to run again. She also is personally concerned with sped matters. Anybody who thinks that ES’s facebook page is a neutral source of info is fooling themselves.

  5. What an embarrassment tonights meeting is. The district's guidance department is a sham. But the way Buzz and the school committee berated them. While their level of performance warrants a trip to the woodshed, doing so on TV only was not helpful.

  6. The response by the school committee and the superintendent to the presentation tonight by guidance personnel was bullshit. This was an ambush designed to establish a scapegoat. Along with the chair person's earlier remarks at the outset talking about crisis management it is an effort to establish a narrative to justify the current mess. I'll bet Buzz is gone before there are any measurable results.

  7. Oh what a shocker that they sold someone else out. I bet guidance will be the next to go with Buzz and Pat's Springfield friends waiting for their appointments.

  8. Well he admitted he reads the blogs.

    1. He also said Brockton when he meant Southbridge. That's called a Freudian slip. His past is catching up with his carefully-crafted myth.

    2. What "blogs"? This is the only blog he and the girls care about. That's why they tried so hard to destroy it over a few fat jokes.

  9. Buzz talked about the MHS principals not up to the task. Didn't he anoint Mrs. Allen last June without any search?

  10. I thought we were going to get a budget presentation. What we're getting is an endless, rambling, ego-driven effort at self justification. Pathetic.

  11. I hope that Buzz remembers his words. "I guarantee the MCAS scores will go up this year."
    I give him to July, right after the MCAS preliminary scores are given to the schools. They are not released to the public until late September. He will leave between the two.

  12. Where is the school department getting a projected student enrollment of 2400 ? They are much lower than that now. And the exodus projected for next year is staggering.

    A 2% increase with a declining enrollment is actually muchore

  13. A new sandwich sensation - the Buzzmeltdown. It's baloney and blowing-smoke-up-your-ass Mozzarella, on wry -I mean Rye – bread with Russian dressing, Sourkraut, and pickled beet- off to the side. And more baloney.

    1. Can I get two of those sandwiches to go. Hey through in a couple Big McLoughlins (hold the special sauce - eww) and an order of her sidekick fries (spelled correctly without the tears).

    2. WOW! Move over Blueberry, SPED Head is taking the head of the arrogant brigade.

      Girls and Buzz, my Daddy taught me, and it has worked well for me, that you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. You blew the arrogant-o-meter off the charts tonight. Do you really think you have it together?

      Watch the rerun of the meeting - you were all on heels tonight defending bad decisions and trying to get the taxpayers to pay for them.

  14. How many of those poor guidance specialists who were publicly humiliated tonight have been hired since Buzz came in?

    1. They have all been here since before Buzz. However, the MHS is one guidance counselor short as they have chosen not to replace Patty Dargie. Therefore, each guidance counselor has approximately 350 students on their caseload. On the high school side, they have 1, Lindsey Charron, for grades 10 through 12. She also is responsible for coordinating the 10th grade MCAS testing, scheduling, preparing students documents for college, preparing sophomores for PSAT and Juniors for SAT testing and I am sure many other jobs. She will also go above and beyond for ANY student that walks through her door and needs something. And instead of being recognized for her dedication and hard work, she was publicly humiliated. I have never been more disappointed in our school committee than I am right at this moment.

    2. I have to echo this post. Mrs. Charon is one of the most competent, dedicated, qualified, hard working and compassionate individuals at the school. I worked with her and saw her accomplish things that no one else would even attempt.

      There is no doubt that other counselors at the building are not up to the task, but Lindsay Charon is the real deal. SHAME on the school committee and Nembirkow for their antics.

      As a poster wrote recently -"Have you no decency?"

    3. 350 student to one counselor? The organization that accredits high schools in New England requires a ratio of 250 to 1.

      As this organization is soon to visit will this effect my child's ability to get into college? Will the school loose the accreditation again?

    4. Mrs. Charron is a nice young woman but not leadership material. The other two are a joke and the secretary is rude! At least Mrs. Feraco helped my kid with paperwork for college. Not half a good as the old team from the guidance office at Cole Ave under Principal Bishop! What a mess!

    5. If you will recall....Mrs. Charron was part of the "old team"! And so was the secretary! The only member of that "old team" no longer working for SMHS is Patty Dargie. The superintendent decided NOT to fill her position. So that leaves Mrs. Charron to handle ALL of the guidance jobs at the high school level. What more can you expect from her? Ideally, there would be TWO more guidance counselors to help her!!

  15. I only wish I had been alive 2,000 years ago. Then I would have had a crucifixion to compare to the one that took place tonight.

  16. I am so glad that everyone saw through what was nothing but a planned ambush!
    This is what it is like to work for the Southbridge School district. This is the type of disrespect that happens on a daily basis. This is the real story and not the choreographed one they tried to make tonight.
    Erin Quinney you can not demand respect when you aren't even capable of offering it yourself. Respect is earned and you have a whole lot of earning back to do before your name and respect can ever be used in the same sentence.

    Of course the presentation missed the mark - what parameters did you ask for in advance? After lunch time today doesn't count as advanced notification with proper expectations being communicated.
    People are not computers and don't walk around with facts and figures in their head. As a school committee member why don't you already know the graduation rates, etc ? Why are you asking this of employees in public if not to only set them up to fail in public. Let me ask you what you hope to gain tonight by ambushing these school employees?
    Respect? NO!!!,
    Money?? NO!!! No amount of money could fix this type of crazy mismanagement. Sympathy for school employees - YES!!!!!
    Sadness for a community - Yes!!!! Mission accomplished

    Guidance staff doesn't make guidance curriculum or even their own job descriptions. The SC and the superintendent do but yet they crucified this guidance staff for the current and past administration and leadership failures - SHAME ON YOU ALL! job descriptions left over from the seventies has left good intended people doing the best they can without a system or true leadership for far more than 10 years. However, none of the previous regimes did to employees what was done to them tonight by you. Talk about setting low expectations this school committee and this superintendent are equally guilty as charged. Stating that is was unprofessional to leave after that display of unprofessional behavior from the Dais was absurd. Most people would have left and walked out during the planned public attack because decent human beings don't do that to people. Neither do decent employers. Saying that you are going to have a stroke and muttering AMEN, laughing and all the rest done tonight is NOT PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR in a public meeting Ms QUINNEY! You are nothing but the pot calling the kettle black and a poor example for our children. The wrong sc member resigned tonight.
    In summation: Everyone beneath the sc, Buzz and his springfield carpetbaggers suck wind. 6 yrs old should be more career minded and not concerned with Math, spelling, reading and writing because they are all going to college to be brain surgeons. Southbridge is destined to be the new home of brain surgeons because a speaker in Worcester made some kind of impact on them and they will pray to the blueberry patch gods and will it to be so.

    Nothing will get accomplished with this "United" school committee and administration because negative nasty people are always tuned out because of their poor leadership.
    Speaking of tuned out why hasn't doc O'Leary's name been called during attendance. He hasn't resigned and is still an elected school committee member but hasn't been mentioned in meeting minutes for a very long time. Now, with the only experienced member resigning tonight, call it day and turn it into regional school district. It's too broke to fix with this group in charge. I'm going to finish with this and be done with them.I have no faith in the Brockton superintendent and his frozen basket of blueberries. Sick for 2 weeks or awaiting a grandchild in California - which STORY is correct?

    1. I'm going with theGrandpa in waiting theory.


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