Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wanted – (Another) New Principal At SMHS

Ken O’Brien

Last Sunday in our article Opa City we made mention of the sudden leave-taking by Southbridge Middle/High School Principal Amy Allen.

Ms. Allen has been in the position less than a year. Prior to becoming Principal she had spent about a year as the district’s Curriculum Director.

In keeping with the ongoing pattern of recent years, it became obvious yesterday that Ms. Allen definitely would not be returning to the Principal’s position.

What clinched it was a posting that appeared yesterday on the site School Spring is an employment site for professionals in the education field. 

The particular posting cited reads in part:

Southbridge Public Schools
Southbridge, Massachusetts
Posted: March 14, 2014
Job Description
Southbridge Public Schools is fast becoming an innovative district and seeks individuals who believe that all children can achieve at a high level and that dramatic change is possible. We seek individuals who have a willingness to make difficult decisions and take unpopular and uncomfortable actions. And finally, we seek individuals who work with a sense of urgency while successfully managing others.
The Southbridge Public Schools extends an invitation to outstanding educators to apply for key administrative positions. Southbridge Public Schools is a diverse PK-12 district of 2,275 students; 167 classroom teachers; a full range of specialists and special education teachers; and paraprofessionals. We are looking for educators who are committed to turnaround schools, have superb skill in effectively utilizing teacher evaluation, and who want to work with a team of professionals who provide support and resources for getting the job done.
Southbridge Public Schools, under the leadership of Superintendent Buzz Nembirkow, has created an intensive and innovative plan to overhaul Southbridge education as he did with the Brockton Public Schools. Southbridge Public Schools has a school committee that promotes change and supports the efforts of the District Leadership team and its vision for leading SPS out of the state declared Level 4 status, in which each school is designated a Level 3 or higher. Now having a stable infrastructure in place, the chaotic operation of the schools has become a thing of the past. We are seeking individuals who can work efficiently at a fast pace to continue moving the bar. We are looking for bold leaders who have not only command in leadership but also have the desire to be part of a dynamic team. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate expertise in curriculum, evaluation, communication skills, including the ability to build consensus, work with parents and the community-at-large, and invite participation by the Southbridge community. [emphasis added]

•           Closely monitors and supports overall school turnaround efforts and school improvement practices
•           Ensure that the school has the guidance and autonomy to design and implement solutions which most appropriately meet the needs of students in its school community
•           Assists recruiting highly qualified staff needed to drive school improvement efforts
•           Employs frequent and open communication to ensure that expectations are vertically aligned and laterally supported (to include district systems, processes, and practices)
•           Ensures that key resources (people, time, materials, and funds) are aligned with the AIP turnaround plan and implementation strategy
•           Creates a culture that recognizes and removes barriers which impede school improvement
•           Motivates faculty personnel and encourages development of student body spirit
•           Participates in the yearly determination of textbooks and other materials and oversees a thorough end-of-year inventory
•           Keeps parents and stakeholders informed and promotes good public relations at all times
•           Any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or his designee

•           Assess and make recommendations for the improvement of the quality of instruction, instructional practices and systems at the school
•           Mentor and demonstrate best instructional practices amongst the staff and teachers
•           Design and oversee the implementation of comprehensive systems to provide targeted support (including visits, coaching, meetings, and resources)

•           Provide strategic director for principals in the establishment of data driven instruction cycles and the collection, analysis, and disaggregation of data
•           Provide school leaders tools, support, and guidance needed to refine their coaching effectiveness and overall instructional strategies of their schools

We are considering starting a pool on whether the candidate selected will come from the Springfield area.

(Thanks to the anonymous commenter who brought this to our attention.)

In recognition of “a school committee that promotes change” we present the following tribute by the aptly named musical group Tears for Fears:

I hope it doesn’t leave you feeling too blue --- as the song says, “nothing ever lasts forever”.


  1. "Any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or his designee"

    Who would that designee be and why?

  2. What does uncomfortable or unpopular mean?
    What's so difficult?
    This reads like a bad joke - on us.
    That is a job posting you don't want anyone to respond to.
    What a disaster.

  3. Ken,

    First let me say I hope that we can use this blog to get the message out to the citizens of Southbridge. We all know that the local media is non-exsistant and as such the powers that be can pretty much do what they please.

    I hope that moving forward we can use this voice to get messages out there. This community needs to find out what is going on behind closed doors. School Committee that was elected on the premise of ABC, Accountability-Best Practices-Communication. So is it a best practice to have another principal go on leave, change the administration to two principals and what, NOT A SINGLE WORD to the parents, here it is two weeks later and no letter to parents, no calls, but wait...I did get a call to make sure I fill out the parent engagement survey that the state wants done..

    I also hear that the School Committee has the new superintendent in waiting, hand picked by Buzz himself, and what no commmittee, no open forums, the same people on school committee that blasted the former school committee for the last search, the ones that wanted an olpen process, the ones that said it needs to be a community process.

    Folks, we need to wake up and pay attention...

    1. Thanks.

      As much as I would like to oblige you, this blog can only do what it can do.

      Experience has shown that in Southbridge, and increasingly around the world, truth is a relative not an absolute.

      I used to believe that people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

      I have found through bitter experience that I am not entitled to my own opinions and that facts are whatever people choose to believe regardless of evidence to the contrary.

      I will continue to say what I think is both true and factual. After all, I still have three friends left.

      See: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare Act I, Scene 3, lines 564-566


    TO: Town Clerk’s Office
    FROM: Basan Nembirkow , Superintendent of Schools
    DATE: March 14, 2014
    SUBJECT: Public Hearing Notice
    The Southbridge School Committee will be holding a public hearing on the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM in the Town Council Chambers. The amount being proposed to fund salaries, operations, and transportation for the 2014-2015 fiscal year is $26,282,197.
    Members of the public are invited to attend.
    Thank you.

    I hope it will be televised!
    We have yet to have the video of the last School Committee meeting on the Cable Channel's Youtube page and they never put an agenda on the town web-site. You gotta wonder why we even have a web-site!

    1. The Worcester telegram 3/16/14 has an ad for 3 elementary principals, a middle/high school principal, and two elementary assistant principals. When did the school committee approve assistant principals at the elementary level?

      This school committee has no regard for the value of a dollar. They are convinced that spending more money will produce improved educational outcomes. Unfortunately, research fails to substantiate this foolish belief .

      Just as money can not buy happiness, it can not buy certain educational success of our students.

      Since Lauren McLoughlin and Kara Donovan took over the school budget has spiraled upward at an unprecedented rate, while student success has spiraled down simultaneously. They have created a spate of new positions at the central office, given away a contract to the teachers union (they still have not released the true numbers), and now created two more administrative positions at the elementary schools. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Foolish, foolish girls !

      The Town Council had better stop the bleeding of our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    2. Where's the video? Stop hiding what we are entitled to!

  5. This proposed figure for the next school year budget is roughly 1.7 million more than this year. OMG !
    The schoolspring site also indicates that Southbridge is looking for new positions of assistant principals for our elementary schools, etc. $$$$$$$$$$$$ How do you like the McLoughlin & Donovan reign? Hey 1450 locals voted for them - so expect another sizable tax increase and don't you dare complain about it. You can also expect the MCAS scores to go even lower. Thanks girls.

    PS - I hope Lauren doesn't call you Ken and whine about your blog telling the truth about what is going on.

    On a side note - Perhaps you can investigate if there is any truth to the purported out burst from the new "middle school principal/leader/boss," what ever her "title" is. Word has it that she has a car loan with Buzz as the co-signer. Can that possibly be true? my sources say it is. The State ethics committee has been made aware of this assertion, maybe the girls can set us straight!

    1. Did Buzz really co-sign for a car loan with a subordinate, then promote her to principal?

    2. This subordinate is the same person that ran around the school during the first few weeks asking people to confide in her. She claimed she was a licensed "counselor" and anything you told her was confidential. She just wanted to know "how things were going". Many people wanted to believe that to be true but as it turned out they were all SUCKERS!!! She ran back to Buzz and told him everything they told her under the guise of confidence! Buzz and others have posted her supposed findings in legal documents. Even her statements were completely lies, so much for the counselor and confidential claims. There is no level they won't stoop to. Email monitoring has been proven...without just cause to observe it is not right.

  6. I just went to the web site of the Middle High School. They have TWO principals listed; one for grades 6-8 and the other for grades 9-12. This is actually how the building was designed and constructed. But Laruen McLoughlin, Kara Donovan, Mary Ellen Prencipe and Patricia Woodruff voted on July 24, 2012 to restructure the soon-to-open school to a format of one principal. For those who watch the sad political actions of Southbridge, it was clear then why they voted that way. It had nothing to do with the students, but pure political retribution.
    Now, 18 months later, four principals later, millions of wasted dollars later, dramatic numbers of students leaving later, dramatic numbers of quality teachers leaving later, the "leaders" of our district have gone to TWO principals.
    But they advertise for ONE principal again?????????????
    Ya gotta laugh!

  7. It is sad that these people have ruined the lives of many people through lies and deceit. However, the last two administrations have seriously damaged the education and welfare of those in their charge -- the students. And, that is the greatest tragedy of all

    1. When is the state going to step in and do something? When are the townspeople going to start asking questions? Does Buzz have everyone so buffaloed that they think he is doing good? Good is not a turnover of almost a whole staff, whether they leave on their own or are asked. Isn't the evaluation tool supposed to help teachers improve? Isn't someone supposed to be working with these teachers. I guess not in Southbridge, they just walk them out the door. I cannot imagine that all were as bad as they were made out to be. Back to two principals, how interesting. Maybe the school committee should start asking more questions? Good luck to Mrs. Allen, she never had a chance once Springfield was going down the tubes. Maybe we should just call the town Springfield East!

  8. Its very interesting how not only the "middle high school" has openings for a principal but also the elementary schools do also...It must be so nice as an employee of Southbridge public schools to have support and guidance from your upper administration. NOT!! Just keep replacing those principals who work hard and some teachers for that matter!! Nothing is going to change in that town academically until the students get support by THEIR OWN PARENTS AND FAMILIES! Unfortunately the staff can't go to these kids homes and spoon feed them, make sure homework is done and get them to bed at a descent hour....
    NOBODY in their right mind would want to go for a job in Southbridge. Just look at the track record.. with its non supportive head hunters ruling the district. Good luck to the future applicants!! if there are any..

  9. As far as things being taped or posted from the School Administration or School Committee: Do you think that if Buzz and the girls don't want the public to have general access to it that the Station Manager (who eats at the same trough as Buzz) will be in any type of hurry to get it up. Does anyone else think that there is a conflict of interest here?

    Buzz knows that he controls the media because what little free and open media there is in Southbridge (with this blog being the exception) either no interest in or worse yet is in Buzz's pocket. If anything major does break in the news Buzz knows that he need only keep his head down for a couple of days and it too will pass.

    How many parents are out there that have called to complain about the handling of the schools and are mollified and put off by the Buzz attack. I say to parents, especially those who have made the choice to send their students elsewhere to demand answers to your questions in the only public forum that you have. It is time for each and every out raged citizen, parent, and employee to claim your 5 minutes at the School Committee Meetings. And when you don't get satisfactory answers to your questions.... Keep attending and using those 5 minutes until you do.

    1. Elementary school asst. principals? Since when? More positions in administration, just what the district needs!

    2. There's a reason why people don't speak up at the meetings. They are scared that their children will be retaliated against. Even someone as prominent as a former committee member has said they wouldn't run until their kid had graduated for that very reason. We might as well be living in Crimea.

  10. Maybe it is time for Ms. Allen to come clean and tell all she knows. She was on the inside; she was a hatchet person for Buzz until she too got caught in the saw.

    1. The truth will come out in court. The girls can't lie under oath.

    2. As the writer of this blog has surmised, the truth is no longer the truth and the facts are inconsequential. This is especially true in the case of the administration and the school committee. Buzz and the girls (the bobble heads) are cut from the same narcissistic cloth. This is evident in the advertisement for administrators... Super Buzz saved the day in Brockton and well on his way to do the same in Southbridge... The truth be damned.

    3. Buzz and Gardner have both been caught lying under oath during a few of the hearings they have to attend for the unjust firing of so many. The truth means nothing to these people! It's all about covering your ass and saying whatever needs to be said to protect the chosen few. Parents, you need to call the area schools and ask about space NOW to start your kids in a different Middle/High school in the fall! There is no educating go on in that school!

    4. Ms. Allen was Buzz's right hand when he began. She is going to keep her mouth shut and collect her full pay until she finds another job. My kids are telling me they see her at the local YMCA working out. Sick?? No... Buzz just keeps playing "Lets Make A Deal".

  11. I wonder If Ms. Allen and Mrs. McLoughlin are still buddies?

    1. Maybe that’s why she was crying when she came out of Buzz’s office. But she was crying the night Woodruff resigned too.
      Hell, she cries a lot. Maybe there’s more going on than her bathroom scale knows about.
      I wonder if the Boston stations will cover that angle.

    2. What a sad small commentary that has nothing to do with children and everything to do with the sad small minded soap-opera antics that play out in this "small in every way" town.

  12. Without a dose of public outrage, those addt'l funds are almost guaranteed to be wasted.

  13. It is truly sad how much damage these women have done to our students, teachers, administrators and community, as a whole. Yet they continue with their pomposity and arrogance, truly sad.

    The actions that these women have initiated, and allowed the interim superintendent to carry out, are reminiscent of the era of former Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy. "McCarthyism" in the early 1950s targeted and destroyed scores of quality individuals with callus allegations of Soviet/Communist sympathizers and members - none substantiated. His actions finally went over the top with the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954.

    It was at these hearings when a high ranking Army officer asked publicly during the hearing, "Senator, have you no decency?"

    Well I'm asking the same question of Lauren McLoughlin and Kara Donovan, "Have you no decency?"

  14. Run away or be chopped - what a nice message to send! Especially after pushing all the work down hill with a reduced time line to achieve deadlines that the head of the snake has sat on. Dump it all down hill on those all day Tuesday meetings and when that becomes all too much, health gets affected, and then Chop chop chop. That sounds intense but not innovative.
    Why else would we need a:
    middle/highschool principal
    2 Elementary principals
    PK -K Principal
    as well as adding 2 elementary assistants.

    Where are the search committees?
    Many western Ma Cronies have been brought in mid year. Who leaves a tenured job mid year unless they have been promised something? Is it for $ or is it one of these now seemingly available positions with a pending promotion from within?
    Change is necessary but we have had so much change this year that the only ones left to change are the ones making all the personnel changes for not providing the training and more importantly the development and retention of so many good people. Spinning your wheels only to say that you've done something doesn't solve problems it only provides political cover. BTW - Creating a gang of Cronies under you does the same thing

  15. I can't wait for McLoughlin and Donovan to run for reelection! With all the people they have parked Stephanie DiMartino or Gerry could beat them.
    My bet - they run out the back k door - like the cookie moms before the Jovan years.
    Did you ever think you would want the Jovan and Lazo years back?

  16. Can you believe the Southbridge News? The Southbridge Public Schools are advertising for FOUR principals ( we only have 4 schools!). And the News had a front page article about the superintendent's evaluation instrument. Really?
    It's so apparent that the News' editor, Adam Minor, is either clueless or a true chubby chaser!
    Why is the News dying? It's 3 days late and 3 dollars short.

  17. Southbridge Public Schools are screwed, from Buzz to his handpicked Pat Gardner to the rest of the unqualified and overpaid administrators that they have in that school district. Gardner continues to screw the whole thing up. Springfield East is right on.

  18. There is a school teacher working at the Middle/High School right now that only has a job because Pat Gardner likes how good of a waitress she was at Red Robin, "Yummm"! There is a Geometry teacher, teaching sophomores who are about 7-8 weeks away from taking the 10th grade MCAS but that teacher is only licensed to teach middle school history. However, she is a friend or colleague of Pat Gardner, so it must be ok right? Isn't Pat Gardner's partner a recent, new hire, history teacher at the high school? I heard that this new hire didn't like the triangular shaped desks that the school (for the intent of cooperative learning) and ordered the old fashioned desks be shipped over from Cole Avenue. Guess how long it took? Until the end of the day!!!! Seems like it pays to be in bed with Pat, as well as Buzz! Or just golfing and drinking with them...

  19. My biggest concern is the new Assistant Principals? For the ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS? WHY? Those salaries SHOULD go to hiring another History teacher for the High School so the classes will be a reasonable size! Or how about adding another elective teacher or two to give our students more options! As it stands right now, art, chorus, guitar/piano, music theory, band or tech are the only options! Band should ONLY be for those that WANT to be there! The same with chorus!! Instead, those teachers have numerous students who do NOT want to be in those classes!! When a student doesn't want to be in a class that they didn't pick, they tend to not try! Is that fair to the students that want to be there or the teacher?

    If we can't have more electives, then reinstate the study hall! Then those kids that don't want an elective can sit and do their homework. Hire a teacher just for that position!

    Goodness gracious, right now administration is SO top heavy, there is no money left in the budget for books! Remember those? NEITHER of my children have books for ANY of their classes! My freshman can't even bring Romeo and Juliet home to read because there aren't enough copies!!! Forget hiring yet another ineffective administrator and put that money where it belongs...with our students IN the classroom!!! Another teacher! Books!! Something that will actually HELP our students learn and grow!!

    I am still wondering where the money for an Assistant Superintendent came from!! We pay Buzz so much money, why can't he do the job himself? Oh wait...he would have to come in from the golf course or come back from the casino to do his job! Oh knew that right? That he regularly goes to the casino with his hand picked staff members!

    End of rant now...unfortunately those that need to see this probably won't. But at least I got a few things off my chest.

  20. That must have been excellent service at the Red Robin to get a teaching job out of it. The endless supply of French fries came in very handy there. I wonder if the triangular shaped desks will end up at the Red Robin for the next batch of terminated teachers to sit at after Pat Gardner ruins their careers as well. This district is going nowhere fast, but at least we can find qualified employees at Red Robin who like triangular desks. Thanks to Pat Gardner for her wonderful hiring skills.

  21. A string of humiliating Academic and Administrative failures warrant a non-essential hiring freeze. It’s time for the Town Council to ask some probing questions.

    1. You mean like they did with Chris Clark and Casella?

    2. Very funny! I stand corrected.

  22. If the comments that have appeared here are true then it really begs the question why nobody has had the courage to raise them publicly?

    One commenter remarked that it was like living in Crimea.

    I have to wonder, if people are so intimidated that they will not speak out publicly how can they ever expect things to get better?

    Either these allegations are all bogus or we live in a village of cowards.

  23. Easy to say other people are cowards when you haven't walked a day in their shoes? Is your life being ruined by these people? Have you been unjustifiably fired and denied unemployment? There are many people out there who cannot post their names because they either still work in Southbridge or they are currently in some sort of proceeding with the town. How, where, and why would so many people be able to make this all up?

    1. Then you should understand the fear and intimidation felt by many. Also, how should these people speak out publicly? There is no real public source of news other than (thank goodness) this blog. People have gone to the administration and school committee members and it gets swept under the rug. Hopefully some people will come forward at the beginning of a school committee meeting.

    2. “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”
      ― George Bernard Shaw

    3. Thanks for letting me quote an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day.

    4. I agree with Warren. It is very easy to say people are cowards, but when you work there you now know "shut your mouth or you are next out the door". It would be very interesting to come up with the number of people that have left willingly or have been walked out the door in the past year. The number is larger than anyone thinks. Are these allegations bogus? I think not. The people that work there are not cowards, they are there for the students. How long those teachers remain, time will tell, come back next September and check again. As far as being heard, the only people that would be heard are those that come to a school committee meeting and publicly state what is going on with their child's education. Then maybe all this would be in the Telegram for all to see. I do not think the people of Southbridge know what is happening to their schools. I would think twice about sending my child there. Who is being hurt the most, the students. Our children need an education and with all that turmoil everyone feels it, and everyone suffers.

    5. From someone who has first hand knowledge of this nightmare (family member fired) I can only ask why the local news media has not taken up this cause? Where I live the education issues are always making front page news. Also, there has to be enough concerned citizens who "don't feel threatened by this school administration" that they should raise a riot at Board of Ed meetings. If Southbridge is ever going to get out of this debacle the State has to step in and investigate all the wrong doings. Someone has to contact them NOW!

    6. Is there a reason that I don't understand why, assuming again that this outrage is well-founded, the teacher's union has been mum?

    7. The local rag, Tone News ( should be The Really Old News) has an editor that is obviously partial to McLoughlin and the girls.
      The new reporter has had articles in yesterday's and today's papers relating to items that happened at the SC meeting last Tuesday night. Both articles are BS and fluff. Not a single article in a long time about the chaos in our schools. If you didn't know better you'd think our schools were first in the State. We know that ain't the case, but Little Adam Minor, Editor (LAME) doesn't think so, he thinks Buzz and the girls are A+.
      Have any of the 6 people who still read LAME's paper noticed that there are no negative Sound Off articles printed? With all the unhappy commenters on this blog I suspect there have been some submitted. Actually. I know for a fact there have been letters submitted and never printed.

    8. I'm curious to know the name of the staff members who were with Bzzzz at the casino. It better not have been during the school day. As a tax payer I want names!!

    9. Buzz and the boys at the casino. Maybe he can win the 1.7 million dollars he wants added to next year's budget!

  24. There's an old saying, "The fish smells from the head." Pat Gardner and her friends from Springfield and the west have destroyed the morale at our schools with the blessing of Buzz. Underhanded hiring of her "friends" and "colleagues" from Springfield very clearly shows the direction we are headed as a district. There has been so much change in the past 5 years, no wonder people's heads are spinning. Teachers want to teach, they want the best for their students, and not be spied on by administrators without experience looking to nail them! They have made every change required of them, spent countless hours teaching to the tests in the manner the "experts" in the Central Office have requested. The lack of progress can be traced back to the lack of any continuity here since Dr. Hanley! Pat Gardner has brought an air of suspicion and mistrust and is the reason for many of our issues.Ethics? I don't believe she took the same training as every other town employee had. Wake up to the obvious. The school committee needs to hear from everybody about this horrific situation. ( I am anonymous from very real fear of retribution from this pack.)

  25. Hi this is Alex from Southbridge. A couple of things. First I will expose 2 out the 3 casino goers. One is an ex-principal.The other one is a cafeteria worker. Another thing, whats up with this tv producer from the middle-high school. Is he Bzzz grandson? If smoking on school property is illegal whats this older women doing going out in the parking lot and polluting the air with all this smoke? Finally,why is the new acting principal at the SMHs calling families and telling them he's the principal from Shrewbury High school? This can't be legal. Alex is confused!!

    1. Glad to read that Alex is back and guess what, he's dead on as usual! Now lets look at Ms. Gardner who claimed in an article dated July 2013 that she was leaving Turner Falls to be Assistant Supt. in Southbridge. Since when? I don't remember that appointment by the school committee. I understand her leadership qualities are poor and she once bragged to an audience that she never stabs anyone in the back but will do it in the front! n Alex look into this if you can.

  26. Buzz is too busy trying to cover for Gaboury and his DUI issues to concern himself with the destruction that Gardner is causing. Staff listen to Gardner preach lie after lie about improvements in the school and better morale. Gardner goes on to say that she is proud to work for this district. Of course she is. She is stealing the town's money with Buzz's permission. I guess this makes her just as guilty as Gaboury.

    1. Nothing against any life choice preferences here, just commentary on the poor management of the Southbridge Public Schools by Nembirkow, Gardner, Gaboury, Osborne and all others. I would fathom a guess that Ms. Allen didn't have much say in anything once this regime took over. She probably fell out of step once and that was it for her. Gaboury made the newspapers one too many times, but Buzz and Gardner saw to it that he "retired". One hand washes the other in Southbridge administrative circles. Walles, the guy from Shrewsbury High School, is just a puppet and will be the next domino to fall once he steps out from the shadows of the Buzz regime. If they could, I'm sure they would educate every last kid themselves and take all the credit for it too.

  27. Gardners entire household income is now provided by Southbridge. How much of a choice do you think Amy Allen was given in hiring Pat's partner as highschool history teacher? Dept head also? Or did Ms. Allen have any say at all? Must be nice, wouldn't we all like to get our spouse a good paying job in the same building we work in? Good times. Car pooling, breakfast, dinner, inter-office spying.

  28. Just opened my May 1 tax bill! Between the million dollar increase this year and the 1.7 million requested for next year, we are looking at over 10% budget increase the school department in 24 months.
    Well, as a landlord I have held off raising rents
    during the past four years. That changes May 1. I hope all landlords will do the same.
    Most of the budget increase went to needless new positions in central office and Union pay increases. We're doomed with McLoughlin and the girls.


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