Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ken O’Brien 

Earlier today I got this email from John Pulawski:

Big Y Guest WiFi
Based on the Terms & Conditions of Big Y Foods
access to this site has been restricted.
Category: Suspicious

Hello Ken-
This message comes up when one attempts to access your Blog via their customer Web Access.
In my opinion it needs to be corrected.
John Pulawski

I just don’t understand this.

I’m a regular customer.

I even have one of their Silver discount cards that I paid for.

Really guys – what is it?

It wasn’t your blueberries I was talking about, honest! 

I know, it’s the Koch brothers, right?

P.S. Can I still get Pornhub on my IPhone in the men’s room?


  1. Jeez, SUSPICIOUS. Do you think I'll end up on their "No-Buy" list?

    No way their Mac & Cheese is worth a cavity search.

    1. But I will take a home visit for that "Brazilian Rub" as an apology.

  2. You need to understand that in recent months content on your Blog resulted in a serious decline in pastry sales, the most profitable of all of Big Y's departments.

    Although it was not your intention, you have done more to inspire weight loss in Southbridge than Jenny Craig, so of course a grocery store that pushes pastry is going to discourage customers sipping on coffee as they look at the confectionary delights down that aisle!


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