Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Invitation To Southbridge Candidates For Town Office

Ken O’Brien

May 6th marks the deadline for candidates for office in the Southbridge annual town elections to submit nomination papers in order to have signatures verified for inclusion of their name on the ballot.

In its ongoing effort to expand awareness of town politics, The O’Zone extends an open invitation to all candidates whose papers are validated, and not withdrawn prior to the May 23rd deadline, to submit position statements for publication.

Such submissions should include a statement of the office being sought, relevant biographical information, a delineation of the issues you regard as important and proposed actions you plan to take regarding those issues if you are elected. 

Submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word format as an email attachment. They must include a phone number and address so that their authenticity can be verified. A recent picture of the candidate (in JPEG format) is also required. There are no limitations on the length of submissions.

Statements will be published exactly as submitted without editing (except for format). However, any submission containing material considered libelous or otherwise inappropriate will be returned to the candidate for revision after the offending passages and the reason for their exclusion are explained to the author. In the interests of fairness, all articles will bear the headline “(NAME of candidate) Candidate For (Position sought)”.

In keeping with The O’Zone’s format, the candidate’s picture and a brief section of the statement will appear on our home page linking to the full article on its own page.

Comments, both signed and anonymous (but using a screen name), will be allowed from the public, although the nature of such comments will be restricted to matters deemed appropriate and personal attacks and unfounded allegations of a personal nature will not be allowed.

Finally, any individual who chooses to seek office on a write-in basis subsequent to the statutory deadlines will be accorded the same courtesies extended to any other candidate. It is suggested, should anyone pursue this course, that they explain how a voter should employ the write-in option on the election ballot.

The deadline to submit a statement is 5:00 pm June 10th. The order of publication and the number of statements published at any given time remain the discretion of The O’Zone editor. No items will be published after June 17th, one week prior to the election on June 24th. No comments on any article will be permitted after June 20th.

The O’Zone reserves the right to publish its editor’s own views on the election and to endorse any candidate for election, or similarly criticize any candidate’s position or prior record, at any time.

Any submissions should be sent to with the subject line Candidate submission [name] for [position]. A valid email address is also required in the event that follow up is necessary prior to publication. Candidates may include reference to a website promoting their candidacy as well as other contact information that they wish to provide. 

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