Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh, By The Way…

Ken O’Brien

Another local site run from a FaceBook page is conducting a SURVEY about people’s attitudes toward the Southbridge school system and the school committee and administration.

While I have eschewed running surveys after several trials, I feel it is important that those with an opinion be aware of such efforts. You never know when others may choose to cite them in support of their views, regardless of how illegitimate the results may be.

The survey is anonymous, so you need not fear any repercussions. 

Whether or not you participate in this exercise you can view the results HERE.

Just found out his master opted for Obedience School Choice


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  2. How can you take this survey seriously when the originator can't use to, too or two correctly?
    Another Southbridge authority with no intelligence.

  3. How can I get to take this survey

  4. Left click on the highlighted word SURVEY in the article.

  5. I just read the results as of now. Early results indicate a tremendous problem for what's happening with our schools.
    Granted this is a small sampling. The results also lack validity due to non scientific methods. However, it's the comments that indicate some severe systematic flaws. This should be of great concern for all stakeholders.

    While I lack confidence in the State's ability to operate our schools, I have even lass confidence in the current school committee and district administration.
    We are searching for principals in every school in the district, the superintendent appears to have family distractions in CA, and the school committee it convinced they have things going in the right direction. There appears to be a lot of fiddling while SPS is burning.

  6. Am I the only one who is beyond surprised that the majority don't think that the sc was to (too) hard on the guidance department?

  7. Love the dancing puppy. My daughter had the same reaction when we chose to send her out of town.


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