Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does Southbridge Council Agenda Indicate A Property Tax Reduction?

Ken O’Brien

After years of having the highest local property tax rate, are Southbridge residents about to see a reduction in that tax rate?



  1. We now know that the total budget is still $49,609,780 plus the additions to the school budget. The lower number does not include non-discretionary items.

  2. Stop Taxpayer AbuseMay 20, 2014 at 9:01 PM

    Just read The News account of the budget presentation from our esteemed Superintendent. His arrogance toward the council members is reflective of the conduct that we have witnessed from him and the current school committee. Just pay and shut up, that's their MO.
    How about this "transparent school committee?" Where are the facts and figures regarding the Town/Union contract deal? Where are the facts and figures regarding the endless unemployment costs? Where are the facts and figures pertaining to the 6.2% requested budget increase?
    Buzz could care less about Southbridge. He took his $155,000 salary (plus MA retirement), a $10,000 "annuity." Plus fringe benefits. He just said yes Girls, and sat back laughing.
    His refusal to detail his budget to Town Council speaks to his feelings about our town.
    Any counselor that supports this conduct and budget should go.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting our ever so arrogant Part-Time Town Manager Mr Reed. The man should be removed and replaced with a business result oriented individual. He has no clue of the agenda, he wrote. The man will not work for us, and he cannot bring jobs to our Town. We do have an industrial Park, and I myself have not seen any progress. We need to find ways to encourage different businesses, to our area; and I'm not talking about Rent a Centers or Family Dollar. I'm sorry but our Town has become a $h1t Hole, we need change. We need to encourage our youth to stay and not the junkies who call this home. We need to build a stronger community, since I doubt the Town Council has our interest at hand. Why do we need to spend more money in our schools, when the problem lies in these children's homes. BRING JOBS TO SOUTHBRIDGE, HIRE COMPETENT INDIVIDUALS TO RUN THE TOWN.......


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