Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flight Academy Relocates To Southbridge From Worcester (Video)

Ken O’Brien

George Charles Allen
Writing in today’s Worcester Business Journal, Emily Micucci elaborates upon news made at Monday night’s Southbridge Town Council Meeting.

AeroVenture Insitute (AVI) has moved from the Worcester Regional Airport to the Southbridge Municipal Airport changing its name from Worcester Regional Flight Academy (WRFA).

The move to Southbridge was effective May 19. The flight school opened at Worcester Regional Airport in May 2010, and has achieved numerous recognitions, including being named one of the country's top 10 flight schools by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, an aviation advocacy organization. 

In addition to training and certifying local pilots, AVI also runs a STEM education center, which AVI said is expanding in Central Massachusetts, coinciding with the name change and the move. Programs will be added in Central Massachusetts schools, nonprofits and companies, including a new partnership with the EcoTarium, Worcester's nature museum. AVI said it will debut a "cutting-edge" aerospace institution at the EcoTarium on June 1. 

In Southbridge, AVI will expand its business with additional flight and aerospace instructors and programs, including a glider program and an air and spacecraft design and construction program.

The entire video of Monday's Town Council Budget Hearing and Regular Meeting can be found HERE.


  1. Please note that when Councilor Clemence put this young businessman on the spot in a failed effort to get him to state that he did it care about the increase of carcinogenic material at the nearby landfill, he instead mentioned his concern about landfill birds and the potential bird strike potential, and that he is involved in efforts to try to do something to mitigate the bird strike hazard.
    It is unfortunate that when our Health Department Director was brought to the Podium to downplay the new daily six inch carcinigenic ground cover that nobody asked him why the new Airport businessman's is concerned about landfill birds when it is reported to our Board of Health that birds are no longer an issue.

  2. Green Mountain GeniusMay 22, 2014 at 11:53 PM

    First people cry about how the hungry birds out for their free landfill lunch can kill a few pilots with potential bird strikes that have not even happened yet-at least not in Southbridge, and when we come up with a clever plan someone complains about it.
    Our state of the art cancer causing vermiculite sized coal ash cleverly kills off or genetically disturbs the DNA of the pesky birds to reduce the birds from flying into the windshields of the General Aviation that flies into the Airport. We had a better solution- cover the airport with sixty billion pounds of MSW, but nobody except Mr. Clark and a few business minded leaders were interested.


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