Friday, May 30, 2014

Gardner Appointment As Southbridge Schools Superintendent – Video

Patricia E. Gardner was appointed Superintendent of the Southbridge School District. She will succeed Basan Nembirkow who had previously announced that he would leave the position at the end of June.

Following a period of questioning of Ms. Gardner by committee members, a roll call vote was taken. The final vote was four in favor (Congdon, Donovan, McLoughlin and Quinney) of Ms. Gardner’s appointment with Mr. Olivo abstaining.


  1. I thought that this previous post from a commenter calling themselves ”An Observer” might be worth considering.
    “When a person looks upwards they are often thinking. In particular they are probably making pictures in their head and thus may well be an indicator of a visual thinker.
    When they are delivering a speech or presentation, looking up may be their recalling their prepared words.
    Looking upwards and to the left can indicate recalling a memory. Looking upwards and the right can indicate imaginative construction of a picture (which can hence betray a liar). Be careful with this: sometimes the directions are reversed -- if in doubt, test the person by asking them to recall known facts or imagine something.”

  2. These people believe that if they say something long enough and loud enough that it must be true. This is especially the case with the Bobble Heads because there is no one out there calling them to task. (Except this blog, and when you do, they marginalize you as a hater).

    1. Actually, they're not alone. It seems to have become the go to argument by many of those with whom I disagree, no matter how carefully I try to reason the argument, to label me as a hater. Granted that I occasionally indulge in the acerbic cartoon, but I try to go a little deeper than that - unlike some.
      To paraphrase an old story, you can do a lot of serious things, but you tell just one fat joke....

    2. Okay, maybe three fat jokes.

    3. I enjoy big fat Jokes over big fat Lies unless .... the big fat JOKE is someone elected/anointed who must be constantly Fact Checked for the truth.

  3. #3 Bobblehead SpeaksMay 30, 2014 at 12:14 PM

    How pathetic was Jill Congdon's excuse for voting to put Gardner in charge. Bobblehead #3 - insuring a steady death of our school system. Good God, we are doomed.

  4. Discerning ParentMay 31, 2014 at 12:58 AM

    There are several things crystal clear to me upon review of discussion over this agenda item.
    They are:
    Mr. Olivo is the only one who holds themselves accountable to the community. That statement is supported by the comments made by all the other members especially by Mrs. Quinney’s vision statement of holding everyone but herself and fellow committee members accountable. Therefore it is up to us the voters who allowed them the privilege of their office to remind them that it is a privilege and if continued to be abused to take that privilege away from them.
    If job posting are labeled interim by DESE and Ma School Committee Association then Mrs. McLoughlin's claim of its use being illegal is pure bunk, fiction and a further lowering of her credibility in the community. Yet, another example of the ever present need to fact check the school committee chair who will clearly say anything just to get her own way. If the argument is it does not matter it’s only one year then what difference does a title make other than to patronage appoint her like a mass pike toll taker? Why the staunch defense of not implementing a search process when these girls are on record for supporting and actually lobbying for one previously? My how things and people change once handed a little bit of perceived power.
    In regards to credibility Mr. Nembirkow has never established any actual credibility in this town through his words or deeds here. He is only living in the past and simply sounds like Hamlet’s Corambis. His claim of having a small piece of success here should be considered very small. He has not done anything like what was described by Mr. Olivo for what a superintendent should be doing in embracing a community. He has only chastised a community for not agreeing with him and his politics as have other school committee members. I reference his basement detractor comments in this video and others as exhibit A. His record setting costly unemployment campaign certainly speaks to not getting along well with others as well as his lack of developmental skills.

    Ms. Gardner would be well advised to follow the lead of Mr. Olivo in gardening public support rather than to continue down the road of folly by holding everyone accountable except the precise people in charge. You can’t achieve Unity in the Community by creating a political us vs them survival strategy. As bad as things are at the high school/middle high school the leadership of the administration and of the school committee over the last two years has been much worse! Ms. Gardner can make a choice to shine and create cohesiveness in this district or she can revert to calling voting citizens basement detractors and in turn they will rise to those expectations and will expose her and her recently appointed circle as a bunch of Ne’er-do-wells.
    So there it is my message of working with the public as a new strategy to implement or continue to work against with the same unbelievable self-promotion and set up of being the scape goat for Brockton’s former Superintendent when things don’t go so well. Trust me when I say all eyes will be upon Ms. Gardner watching to see if she can take advice from the public and set sail in a more appropriate direction or simply FAIL!

  5. "Celebrate" Southbridge?May 31, 2014 at 8:59 AM

    Let's go lower Southbridge Public Schools! The Quaboag School Band is playing at today's Celebrate Southbridge. What a marketing tool to lure more Southbridge students to Quaboag. Where is the Southbridge band?
    Remember when the Southbridge High Band consisted of 65 student-musicians? I watched the jazz band play at Wednesday night's meeting, 6 students along with the teacher performing. Why so little interest? It's another example of the malaise that permeates our school system.
    It's time for REAL change.

    1. Bye, Bye Mrs. AllenMay 31, 2014 at 9:45 AM

      If you want another example of dysfunction junction comes word that Amy Allen, the supposed high school principal who works at the superintendent's office, has accepted the curriculum coordinator position in Northbridge. Let the flood gates of not only students, but professional educators, open wide.
      Way to go girls, chase another quality educator out of town. Oh, I'm sure that Springfield will have another "outstanding" educator.
      Good luck to Mrs. Allen, I wish her well.

    2. To "Celebrate" Southbridge?

      In regards to the High School Band:

      1) The SMHS Band was asked and agreed to perform in the parade for Southbridge Fest. Why the coordinators of the event chose not to list them as entertainment is unknown to this writer.

      2) The Jazz band has always been an elite small group of students. They were asked to perform for the school committee just a couple of weeks ago.

      Please remember that the last "graded" event for the seniors of the band was the Memorial Day Parade. They also finished all classes and exams as of May 23rd. Out of courtesy to Dr. Garcia, the seniors in the Jazz band agreed to perform for the school committee.

      As for the interest...there were 36 members in the High School band this year. They are still in the process of rebuilding the band from the disastrous years with Smalley as the director. You can't pull musicians out of a hat.

      If you attended the parade this morning, you would have noticed that the band invited the 8th grade to march with them. And they sounded wonderful. Quaboag, on the other hand, fielded a very small group of students and their director was playing the trombone. I doubt any musician would head there if that is an example of their "interest" you seem to think the students of Southbridge do not have.

      If you don't have anything nice to say about the CHILDREN of our town, don't say anything. I, for one, am quite proud of our band and the way they perform and conduct themselves. The High School band is a huge commitment of time and energy for these children and they rise to the occasion every time.

  6. Bye, Bye Mrs. Allen... Good RiddanceJune 1, 2014 at 5:18 AM

    Amy Allen: Fact 1) Failed at being the Well's Middle High School Principal. Fact 2) Failed at being Principal at SHMS. Fact 3) She could had it in her power to stem the tide at SHMS because she had the ED Reform law to back her up (Site Based Mgmt). However, she chose to jump on board the "Buzz Wagon" until it finally chewed her up and spit her out.

  7. What is the count? How many students are graduating from SHMS? How many are just receiving certificates of attendance? And, how many of our students are graduating (or have graduated) from surrounding high schools?


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