Friday, May 30, 2014

Peloquin Will Return To Council

Amelia Peloquin

On January 22nd of this year, I experienced an extreme adverse reaction to the medication Adderall. This medication had been prescribed to me by my doctor and I was taking it as directed. This medication made me very ill, to the point of experiencing a psychiatric emergency.

My family, out of concern for my well-being, called 911 in an effort to get me to the hospital. Instead of medical personnel, police officers were sent to my home, and I was subsequently arrested. Because I was not well, the charges against me were ultimately dismissed. 

Now that I am well, I must emphasize how very deeply I regret any injury I may have caused, however inadvertent it was. As a Southbridge native, and as a member of the Town Council, I have always had great respect for the professionalism, the commitment, and the dedication of the members of the Southbridge Police Department.

As much as I love serving on the Town Council, I have needed to take the last five months away from Council meetings to focus on my health and wellness. I am feeling much better these days, and will be returning to Council service in June 2014 and will serve out the duration of my term. Thank you for your understanding and compassion during this difficult period. I look forward to serving you moving forward.


  1. Best of luck Ameila

  2. We are proud of you - talk about resilience!

  3. It is obvious why your side of this unfortunate incident was not covered in the media, but what I want to know is WHO sent out of their way to deliver the twisted fiction to the Boston. Media?
    From what I have observed Amelia is the last Councilor to initiate an Investivation that would appear to be self serving, but in this situation where the coverage was so inconsistant with reality, I would hope that even the Press would reveal the malicious manipulative monkey that spun this go appear to be something it was not. My belief is that if the source of the twisted story is ever revealed it would indeed be very instructive.

  4. Welcome back Amelia and best wishes on the council in the future, it will be nice to see you back, you have a good future ahead, always look ahead.

  5. Welcome back Amelia.

    I hope the voters provide me an opportunity to work with you.

    1. There's about as much of a chance of that as there is of Casella deciding that landfills aren't profitable. Not only that, Amelia hasn't "worked" in five months on behalf of the town. Disgraceful. You both deserve one another.


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