Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Southbridge Chiefs Comment On Arson Epidemic - Video

Ken O’Brien

Over the last month Southbridge has been struck by eight fires determined to be the result of arson.

On Monday, May 5, the Fire Chief and Chief of Police appeared before the Southbridge Town Council to provide information about the situation.

Below is a video of their statements and their response to inquiries from Town Councilors.


  1. Southbridge ResidentMay 7, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    One chief lives in Sturbridge, the other in Webster/Dudley. Do you REALLY think either care about the poor folk on Cohasse Street?

  2. I think we've found someone more morosely cynical than even me. Sorry, but I can't believe that they don't care, regardless of what else I may believe.

  3. I think Southbridge resident has a point though. The chief mentions that we need to be on the lookout and report any little thing that we may see--and that the smallest detail could lead to the capture of this individual(s).

    Someone more in tune to the community--by *living here*-- could be keeping their eyes out as well. Also, there's a certain level of dedication present in those that live in town. That's why certain circles take issue with these people not having any "skin in the game."

    I will say, I love my town and I wish that nothing bad would ever happen... but I will sleep well this weekend, on a family trip. Far far away from the arson on the loose in Southbridge.

  4. This may sound a little crazy, but then again it’s me right?
    Perhaps the Cohasse Street neighborhood should turn this tragic set of events in to something good. Why not have residents set up outdoor grills at the roadside throughout the neighborhood and have what, in NYC, we used to call a block party on Friday nights. Barbecue some burgers and dogs, grill some marshmallows and make some smores. Play a little music (at reasonable volume), share some gossip and a few beers with neighbors. Invite others to join in and, in the process, keep an active watch on the neighborhood while building community spirit. Who knows, it might catch on in other parts of town.

    1. Best idea that's come out of this whole crazy thing ^

    2. I try, I really, really try. Thanks.


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