Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - June 17, 2014

Agenda is available HERE.


  1. Watching those girls toot their own horns made me sick. All they did this year was take the school system down a treachery path. I can't wait till after the election. Come on Scott! Put those girls in their place.Get rid of the dead weight (Buzz and Gardner need to go).

  2. Back Document O'leary as a memberJune 19, 2014 at 1:21 PM

    why wasn't the sixth member Tom Oleary called in the roll call as he should of been all along? He was included for the first time last meeting and briefly mentioned as having prolonged absent at the 8:30 mark. Minutes should reflect his term present or not.

    Micah, yes very self serving but at least they think they are doing a good job.

    .54:47 mark - mr diversity and anti racist makes a discriminatory statement that he wants to see as a goal. Sorry, Homeless children which we have can not get a library card. He wants them to show a library card to get free lunch. NO Food for the homeless! Nice!

    So now we wait for a press release on the Supt contracts rather then hearing about it at a public meeting. WOW! Buzz turning and getting out of his seat as meeting adjournment takes place is telling where his "interesting" Heart is.

  3. 17 positions open and the last day of School was yesterday. I wonder how many more before the first day of school. Also, rumor has it that they have hired a couple more people from Springfield without ever posting a job.

    1. Time for another chorus of "Everything is Beautiful" by the Bobblehead Big Band.

    2. The Revolving Door is powered by dysfunctionJune 21, 2014 at 12:14 PM

      Teachers are being goggled up by neighboring districts. Southbridge is doing so much more in Education then neighboring school districts are doing that they are beating out in house candidates in other districts. We train them and then delay posting positions until after they are hired by neighboring districts.
      LEVEL 4 ADMINISTRATION at its worst.

  4. The Envelope Please . . .June 21, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    Well the games keep on comin' . . . The wizards have now decided that the former acting middle school principal Potter has been appointed the principal of Charlton Street School. Oh wait ! Didn't the hire William Latour for that job two weeks ago? Oh wait, Mr. Latour has been moved to West Street School. How about those search committees!

    They hire a new principal for our middle high school, a building designed and built as two separate schools consisting of 5 acres of floor space and 30 acres of outside land. She is destined to fail, in fact, she has been set up to fail.

    How can you screw up a school system this much in two years? That's the question we need to ask McLoughlin and Donovan. Should these dolts decide to run for reelection we will all have to ask the Ronald Reagan question, "Are we better off now than we were thre years ago." That's a no brainer - NO!

    My prediction, Donovan will run out the back door, especially after the exposure she will receive from the new members of the committee. McLoughlin on the other hand has an ego bigger than her waist - she still thinks she's doing a great job. She'll be running. I hear that the former MHS principal may also be running. Birds of a feather!

  5. More Deceipt From Big Mac and the Spelling QueenJune 23, 2014 at 5:37 PM

    And the underhandedness continues . . . Today's Telegram reports that the district and the newly anointed superintendent Pat Gardner have penned a almost one year contract. I say almost one year due to the fact that this agreement will expire approximately one week prior to the next town election, which will include school committee seats currently held by Lauren McLoughlin and Kara Donovan. ALL administrative contracts for decades have run through June 30 of the final year of the agreement. Apparently Lauren and Kara want to make the decision in the 11 hour of their terms. That's just plain wrong.

    We have seen the abilities of these two in selecting superintendents! Three days on the job these two voted to extend then-superintendent Eric Ely's contract for two additional years. He must have impressed the hell out them in those first 72 hours! Of course we all know how that appointment worked out for our students. Oh wait, no we don't. The girls would never release the expensive and comprehensive investigation into allegations of inappropriate actions toward female employees But at any rate, after a paid administrative leave for Ely during the investigation, Ely resigned via text message the day the report was presented to the school committee. Way to pick 'em girls.

    Then there was interim superintendent Terry Wiggin. They used him until they picked Buzz out of the lost and found pile. Terry was thrown out shortly after without explanation.

    We have had the Buzzometer for a year and a half. In spite of record personnel turnover; unemployment costs that look more like those of a city of 3 million, rather than a rural town of 17 thousand; school choice numbers that are beyond embarrassing; a valedictorian that publicly berated the district leadership for their ineptness; Lady Lauren and Kara the Spell-o-meter believe they should pull a stunt like hiring a permanent superintendent. Seriously?

    Prediction . . The district continues the downward spiral for another year, McLoughlin and Donovan, as the song says, "Slide out the back, Jack," and the remaining school committee members are lest to clean up the carnage with a superintendent that they have rammed down their and the student's, throats.

    Further prediction . . . the worms will move out of town or send their children to another district.

    Hey 1450 fools voted for them. After all, they did have those cutsie ootzie lawn signs when they ran for office. Loved the apple on them!


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