Friday, June 6, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Meeting Agenda - June 9, 2014



JUNE 9, 2014

7:00 PM



  1. Line Item 24 - the Splash Pad is a Trojan Horse!
    Southbridge-ians, don’t trust this horse.
    Whatever it is, I’m afraid of this Governor especially when he is bearing legacy gifts.
    Acceptance of this gift assumes the annual expenses of operation,upkeep,water,and insurance liabilities. We ALREADY have a new one of these in town at the newly revamped and reopened state pool. Cutting spending can start with this item.

  2. The Circus Gets an AttractionJune 6, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    A splash pad - excellent. We now have a play thing to add to the "circus" - Southbridge. The town council clowns will love it. The phony school committee members will tout it as the latest in educational improvements.

  3. Item #15 confounds me. Since when does a Massachusetts Council need to adopt a Mass General Law? Does this mean we have ignoring a law? Is it one of those laws like our Charter that is violated on occasion because there is no punishment for breaking it and keeping it would prevent their shenanigans?
    My concern is that this is another trick to nullify the choice of the voters, like when Kopplemann & Paige reinterpreted the dictionary and the SPD used an armed officer to keep a Councilor from sitting where the electorate placed him.

  4. I heard today that the Valedictorian ditched her submitted and approved speech for another version. Good for her to grab the opportunity to speak out for her class in a dignified and mature manner (from what I heard 2nd hand). Wish I could have attended. Where can we see the video of this controversial speech?

    1. OUTRAGEOUS SCHOOL ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!June 9, 2014 at 1:18 PM

      I hope that this blog will post the Valedictorian's address on here.

      And graduation is about the graduates. Lauren McLoughlin's oration was completely inappropriate. She and her current committee members brought our district to new lows.

      Superintendent of Schools Nembirkow attack on the blogs and the people that speak the truth about the dysfunctional school system was completely inappropriate. I think he should change his name to Buzz Narcissistic. Again, he thought the ceremony was about him.


    2. turmoil is the truthJune 9, 2014 at 2:59 PM

      Was it edited because it just aired on channel 11 .
      she pulled out a sign - bring back bishop . turmoil indeed.

    3. I just watched the broadcast and the valedictory address was included.

    4. The 12:15 pm showing of this event stopeed and reset after 60 minutes. That is a fact. For some reason the future showings are complete. Was this blog responsible for the change? We'll never know.

  5. I also think it was important for the Valedictorian of this class to speak about the the turmoil this town's administration and school committee created for the class of 2014. They lost a wonderful principal (Mr. Bishop) to witness 4 others fail miserably! My daughter also lost her beloved guidance counselor to end up with a guidance office in turmoil with no one available to guide students with daily life questions, never mind college applications. I was told by many students that this class wished they could have graduated from the old high school on Cole Ave. Maybe without a new school being built, the politics of education would not have gotten in the way! These students understand. I would like to apologize for the ignorance of adults in charge who had their own agendas and didn't think about these students. How much longer does this have to go on? Again, how many graduating seniors were there? I forgot to count.

  6. It is nice to see that there are people in the Community that are willing to stand in front of an Audience and state the truth, plain and simple, even if it annoys the tools that mismanage our local political affairs.

    I hope the video gets posted online. I heard a rumor that there are people trying to get this unapproved speech censored from cable but hopefully it is just another Southbridge rumor.

  7. Nikola is a FraudJune 9, 2014 at 9:26 PM

    Oil Flipper Kikola. Was for the splash pad, doesn't have the votes, quits!
    What a fraud you are Cathy!

  8. Students get lost in the plethora of tests and data collection. To this administration, it is all about the numbers and not the students. The tests and numbers are how they justify themselves. They also need the data to bolster their resumes for their next, better job. And we all know that you can make numbers tell the story that you want to tell.

    Each student is just a data point to be reviewed, disaggregated, collated, and reported to the state. They have no interest in what the individual student needs are because that cannot support their program of change. The funny thing about this revolving door of leadership is that each (and to call them leaders is a stretch) leader must invoke change to justify their existence and ego. "Look see what I have done, isn't it wonderful." They have no clue as to how this constant change effects students and staff. They are only in it for themselves.

    Why do you think that old Buzz is leaving another Superintendency early? He knows what is coming and wants to distance himself from it ... just like the parents who are pulling their students from the district.

    Someone should audit the books and give us an exact number of dollars that Buzz has cost this community. Just the cost of the over-stuffed, over-paid central office staff must be staggering. Does anyone even know how many people are up there? Also, if the town is upset about the amount of unemployment that has been racked up then they will really like the amount of money that will be going out the door this summer as district loses its battle with all those teachers who have be terminated. Not to mention the several civil law suits that will be or already are filed. Saddest part of all is that amount of money that will be exiting the district because of school choice. Thanks Buzz, you really earn your pay.

    In closing, Buzz was successful in on area - running a district into the ground. And our students and the community are left holding the bag.

    1. This is spot on and far more elegant than the tired old " negative commenters and bloggers.". He acts like Southbridge is unique with having bloggers. That type of thinking It actually says a lot about him and his narcissistic ways..
      Southbridge you can support a school system by not supporting how it is being run!
      There I said it! Buzz off!

    2. Lousy School LeadershipJune 10, 2014 at 11:58 AM

      And let's not forget who gave Buzz this total autonomy - McLoughlin, Donovan, Congdon and Quinney! They need to leave with Buzz, but they won't. They really think they are doing a good job.
      Well the Class of 2014, and the hundreds of parents and friends di:dn't think so, as was evidenced during the graduation. They know they were screwed over by political hacks and incompetence. Can you imagine replacing Mr. Bishop with Tammy Perrault! Never mind that the girls thought this was a good idea 30 days from the opening of our new school! Now that's LEADERSHIP!
      Fortunately, the members of the Class of 2014 with be alright in spite of our school "leaders," not because of them.

    3. How many people working in the central office? Well if you go to the Golden Greek Restaurant right now (6:00 PM on 6/10) you can count them yourself. They are all there for a gathering, maybe Buzz's going away party. (wonder if there is a budget account for such events?)

  9. I wish the school leadership could just be called LOUSY! They have become a huge embarrassment and continue to make poor decisions, hurting our teachers as well as our students. McLoughlin, Donovan and Quinney, do this town a favor and quit!

    1. Take Congdon TooJune 10, 2014 at 5:57 PM

      Take Congdon with you. Her cowardly silence does the town a great disservice. And can we ignore her BS statement when she voted with the other dolts to "anoint" Gardner to the top job. Let's get these four out of office. Isn't there a PTA bake sale they can manage?

  10. Stop The FailuresJune 10, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    So how many students did graduate from our high school on Friday night? Buzz threw around the number 86; Mrs. Allen used the number 82. We don't know, and I'm not sure the administration does either.

    What we should all know is that if the school committee didn't create two years of chaos a lot more students would have remained at Southbridge High School.

    Even the students that this committee was sworn to work for know how much they failed them. How much longer can the parents and voters allow these people to fail our children? We need to demand their immediate ouster! For the good of the district they shouls see the obvious and leave - NOW !

  11. about 40 manhoursJune 10, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    If you feel a lot of people also feel as you do, start collecting signatures for a recall-the town annual election in two weeks would be a great place to set up a table. Maybe consider the Clemence-Manna Brain Trust as well for such an accelerated term limit.


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