Monday, June 30, 2014

Support Your Southbridge Little League All-Star team

Southbridge residents!

Your Southbridge Little League All-Star team is looking to break a 59 year-old drought and go to Williamsport!

This Monday, we take on Oxford in Oxford at 7:30 PM.

This Wednesday, we take on Northborough, a very good team, in SOUTHBRIDGE! Please, come out and support the boys.

We have a great mix of kids...a true story of courage, as you'll find out in the upcoming weeks!

Let's focus on the kids... if you post this to your account on Facebook, etc.. and we get over a hundred people at Henry Street this week cheering on the kids, it would mean so much to them! Bring home-made signs, and be upbeat and positive!



  1. Thanks for the post Ken. We lost a tough one tonight against a very good team from Oxford, but we'll get them Wednesday at Henry Street (5:30 PM)...see you all there...a nice crowd would be a nice thing for these kids to see!

  2. Please, Southbridge, come out tomorrow at Henry Street at 5:30 PM and support your Southbridge All-Stars! These boys are trying hard.

  3. Well, turnout was pretty low, but...I do wish to thank all the members of the Council that came (that I saw, sorry if I missed anyone): Al Vecchia, Denise Clemence, Monique Manna, Esteban Carasco, Shawn Moriarty...there may have been more, but I was busy coaching! A quorum that was very much appreciated.

    On a side note, if there are any people reading this that know the powers to be in town that could come together and help me build a competitive AAU team out of Southbridge, but for the area, please help me get in touch with them.

    This is a dream of mine that I can't do on my takes resources, and for those that want to work their skills to the next level, and still play Little League...well, the team we played tonight had 3 kids from my son's AAU team, and all but one played AAU ball. This could be a big thing for our town, and I'm not ashamed to say I need help!

    Thank you all that came out tonight!


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