Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vote On Tuesday


  1. Hi, Ken...I'm sure no one cares who I'm voting for, but for what it's worth: the first time in my life that I've never voted for anyone, and only voted on one issue. I understand and respect those that want to change government--but the way to do it is not by reverting back to a non-existent charter...sorry, Butch, CHARTAH. That, plus it was written so sloppily that the backers say, heck, a five person Board of Selectman with six on the ballot. People don't come out now, what makes you think they'd care about coming out with your measure? No one cared when we did the Charter Review...the most I ever saw was four. Another option you didn't tell people is that they don't have to vote for three, two, or even one person. You can vote for none. You can write in up to three--but without an organized campaign, no one will win on write in. I was asked to participate in a write in campaign for me...never. I've come to the realization that people in this town are too busy voting for friends and family to care about people that want to make a difference. I agree this is the worst field of candidates ever. As bad as I may have been, even I could have won with this lot...or at least not have lost as badly! This town is four elections away from ever having hope, provided the people could find competent individuals who could run. The recent "one less councilor" bit from this year shows the extent to which people will allow friends to be elected. This should be an election for four people, but God help us all, as much as I believe that, that would be worse.

    My prediction? Vecchia, Steeves and Zotos. And a big No.

  2. Anybody BUT VecchiaJune 24, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    Get out and rock that vote!!!!

    But not for Vecchia. Here are reasons (taken from our fb page--and made into synopses from the paper) to vote for anyone but Vecchia.

    1. John Pulawski: Very small business friendly. Understands the challenges our town faces, and would bring some refreshing, creative ideas to the table. More importantly, he's not Apple Vecchia.

    2. Gus Steeves: Environmentally friendly. Is full of forward-thinking ideas about the future of Southbridge and our finances. Most important, though. Not Apple Vecchia.

    3. Joe Marino: "Fights for the taxpayer and the little guy." A lot of experience serving on the town council in years past. And, you guessed it. He is not Apple Vecchia.

    4. Paul Zotos: Committed and dedicated to our town. Has donated his time again and again to help small businesses try to succeed in this town. And we double checked. He's not Apple Vecchia.

    5. Miguel Estrada: Runs a small business consulting firm and would offer insight directly from business owners trying to open in this town. Also, he is not Apple Vecchia.


    I hope that was helpful. Get out there and rock it at the voting booths today!!!

  3. Vecchia brings a ton of baggage and Zoto's brings ?????


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