Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Southbridge School Committe Meeting - July 1, 2014


  1. Gonna Need Bigger Pumps - SPS Titanic Going DownJuly 2, 2014 at 4:51 PM

    Olivio nominates Dr. Raymond Page for chair of the committee. Well he's certainly more intelligent that Woodruff and McLoughlin, and he's certainly slimmer than the two past chairs; but seriously, things are going so smashingly well - why change? NOT!
    I feel bad for Olivio and Page, having your name associated with SPS Titanic!

  2. Wells deal SmellsJuly 8, 2014 at 4:33 PM

    Did the School District sell Wells to the Town Council? Why is the Council selling the Wells Junior High to a friend of the Clemence's when there are local people with a better proposal.
    Shouldn't the School Committee have a say in this transaction?

    1. Wells Town PropertyJuly 9, 2014 at 8:48 AM

      The Town owns all buildings, including our schools. Wells' controll was relinquished back to the town when our new middle/high school opened, including the cost ofmaintaining the property ( heat, repairs, etc)
      As it being sold to a friend of Clemence . . . are you surprised?
      Personally, with Hyde's on live support it won't be long before Clemence may need to get a job, instead of sucking off the Clemence money.

    2. Wrapping my head around thisJuly 9, 2014 at 11:43 AM

      Please tell me that you have a link to Clemence and the Wells building people. That would be so key right now.

    3. What 'local' people with 'better' proposals??? There was only 1 applicant. If 'Wells deal Smells' knows the answer - he/she should share. IF there was/is a Clemence connection, then it would have been Ms Clemence duty/obligation to indicate a conflict and recuse herself from voting. IF, the 'local' people you are referring to include the hospital - yes, we all heard rumors that they were interested in the Wells building - and I do believe that TM Clark was banking on that too - but that ship sailed a long time ago. and again..there was only 1 proposal/bid....The building needs tons of work. I am not a fan of Ms Clemence but I thought that she and ATM Mr Paicos did a great job explaining the process etc...Perhaps 'Wells deal Smells' has an underlying concern about - parking - which has always been used by the Church on weekends for people attending services - and if it was a 'hospital' office building (not used on weekends), then the parking would perhaps be status quo - BUT - if it is a senior residential complex - ahhh..well, parking will certainly become an issue...

    4. I hope we are not going to give this for-profet company a TIF. We gave the DoD conference center one when they promised thousands of jobs. Well speaking of sailed shops!
      It seems that the council only thinks hard working homeowners should pay excessive taxes.

  3. The key distinction to be recognized is that when one acts ethically, one automatically has acted morally. The same cannot be said going in reverse.

  4. Why does any one feel "suprised" that a friend of Clemence got the purchase?
    It's dirty politics as usual and in Southbridge as in anywhere else it's "who you know-not what you know" Ahh Southbridge-The Way Life Should Be!!!


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