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Southbridge Town Council Agenda - July 21, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Agenda

Council Chambers

Town Hall

July 21, 2014



  1. Maybe they should add to the agenda an item that invites Gov. Patrick to bring some of the "Border Children" to Southbridge. We could house them in Wells or at the Conference Center (the Fed Gov is already paying for space and rooms there). Then, they could go to our schools (heck, they can't get any worse). And, if they are sick and need treatment I am sure that Obama Care will provide it.

    Let's step-up Southbridge and do our share!

  2. Any one know why the Health Inspector is so against chickens ? Could it be that he would be the one required to inspect them so he doesn't want to add to his own work load? Thoughts?

    Regarding the nonsense of the school finance director being sent before council ( like a sacrificial sheep) for an unpaid 2011 bill- I'm glad the ATM said not to pay it and offered financial wisdom to the agenda item. It reminded me of an old joke.
    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A: To Fact Check The Southbridge School Committee Chairman

    1. and.... after this meeting the finance director has had enough and is seeking employment elsewhere. Way to go SC! Of course in the wrong direction as some people shouldn't have their oars in the water at all.
      The number of people unwilling to work for you or with you is rapidly growing.

  3. more $$$ for the failing schoolsJuly 22, 2014 at 9:47 PM

    Is the town council tired of paying school department bills? $400,000 for unemployment, more than that for arbitration awards, legal fees Buzz's consulting fees, etc?
    Maybe the town council should grow a set and "do the right thing," just say NO!

  4. encourage local businessJuly 22, 2014 at 10:49 PM

    Was the nice lady that sent before the Council paid additional wages to discuss this invoice that was under $40. ?

    If so, was she paid over $40 to discuss a bill under $40 that the town is still welching on?

    The town has spent enough on legal fees to keep a struggling local businessman from opening his bar- almost enough go hire a chicken control officer. The town gave a former public official almost a decade to get his business off the ground, and I believe this courtesy should be extended to all businesses.If it is acceptable to save our auto and banking industry with over a $Trillion, why can't we shore up business with additional time and latitude?

    1. Too Many Needless InspectorsJuly 23, 2014 at 2:37 PM

      Have to agree strongly with you. Between all the local regulations why would anyone want to open a business here?
      But the real killer for our town is the Fire Inspector. He rules on things that are not his jurisdiction, changes his mind about detector locations at the last minute, impedes school and social groups from activities, etc. In general he had a giant Nepolian complex.
      But the entire municipal departments make it absolutely harder to get started here.
      These "inspectors" should realize that their salaries come from the very people they needlessly berate.

  5. You're crackedJuly 23, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    SC Lays An Egg

    The bill is from Nov 2011, not one current school committee member was on the board. McLoughlin/Donovan were elected in June 2012 (7 months after that bill). Quinney/Congdon June 2013. Page/Olivo/Abrahamson June 2014.

    So maybe you need to do some fact checking,

    1. you;re cracked - a very appropriate self provided name.
      see encouraged local business's above comment - Was the nice lady that sent before the Council paid additional wages to discuss this invoice that was under $40. ?
      If so, was she paid over $40 to discuss a bill under $40 that the town is still welching on?
      Yes it was from Nov 2011 which is why the SC chair couldn't pay it out of this years budget. Instead she paid the finance director to go grovel to the TC. without any PO number, no proven product produced, and no justification or thought to tax payers which in the end this invoice can't be legally paid anyway . so you're cracked - she didn't do any fact checking.and didn't know any of this. The SC laid an egg, a rotten egg, with this tactic.

    2. Actually "You're Cracked,". The books for the 2011-2012 school year remain active for payments until approximately August 1 of the next year, for obvious reasons. Bills for Purchases incurred in May and June
      are often received after July 1.
      McLoughlin, and the Queen of Accuracy, Donovan should have checked that all bills were paid by August 1. They sign those warrants, not the outgoing members.

    3. Agenda Item #18 - Involving payment of Invoice in the amount of $38.52 Dated 11/30/2011. Gee, I think it's still payable until 11/30/2014. Only then will it reach it's (3) yr. non-payment mark. Here's my math formula: 11/30/2011 + 3 yrs. = 11/30/2014.

      Someone may have to double check.

      I guess the term or use of Petty Cash Refund Reserve for any invoice $50.00 and under has become an extinct accounting term? It's possible.

  6. OK, our esteemed town council spent a whole lot of time on a $40.00 unpaid bill from 2011. Good for them.
    But how about reports that tens of thousands of dollars in metals were stolen from the water department by an employee, transported to a salvage operation in a neighboring town using a Southbridge town vehicle, and paid for in cash.
    Does the town council wish to comment on this? Maybe let the taxpayers know?
    Why hasn't the Town Manager fired the company that runs the water company? They obviously are not up to protecting the taxpayer. He fired the Petro Pool management company on a heartbeat. I guess tens of thousands of stolen town property appears to be OK.

    1. At least under Empress Katherine the other Councilors were not always told what was happening. Even under Steve LaZo he was nit given importsnt info that was provided to the favored .minority.

      It can not be presumed that the entire Council knows.When ignorance is bliss managers sometime take extraordinady precAutions to keep a happy ship of state.

      Not much happened when a local businessman sold rail road ties without permission, but he really needed the money and they were just laying there waiting for a choochoo.

      Maybe instead of getting rid of the water management company they will give the presumed thief a recycling award?

      Do you know what kind of metal surplus was sold? Old manhole covers or something like that? Empty ammonia cans?

    2. Depends on who's doing the stealing and who's being stolen from. The town of Southbridge is a family business. No need for outsiders to be concerned how it's run.

    3. Fire White Water Management NOWJuly 26, 2014 at 9:49 AM

      Today's Telegram has a very detailed article on the theft from OUR water company. White Water Management has failed to do their fiduciary fiscal job. These thefts went on for months, with the employee entering the town building after hours. These theft visits were all recorded on electronic logs articulating each visit. No one apparently monitors these logs? Why have them at all? To close the gates after the horse got out?
      When we all write our exorbitant water bill payments next month how can we help buy have anger and frustration. A sizable rate increase this year, even after a sizable reduction in water usage. Now I understand why - management company mismanagement. What other mismanagement practices have been going on as White Water took their management fees?
      The acting town manager and the town council MUST terminate our contract with White Water Management NOW.

    4. congrats more loss $$$ you were 2 days ahead of the T&G on this story and at least a week or more ahead of the Southbridge censored news.

      Spectator - thanks for the heads up! if TC wants people involved in government then they need to inform and allow them to be involved in government. Got a bundle package ? you may want to attend this meeting.

    5. Dump White Water - NOWJuly 26, 2014 at 7:50 PM

      Time to terminate the White Water contract. What do all those White Water employees do during the winter? Let's take the water supply back, add the same number of workers (or less) to the DPW, and have them run the water supply. These workers can help with snow removal, raking leaves, etc.
      Have you seen the new mini vans that the water company has purchased (supposedly to drive to meetings - must have a lot of those)? Where is OUR new backhoe? New pickups all around.
      Now comes word that White Water has agreed to pay $10,000 in restitution, and Excell Salvage from Charlton has agreed to pay another $10,000. Both companies should be prosecuted, not allowed to buy their way out of these fraudulent actions White Water should be terminated and the control of OUR water supply should be placed under the direction of the DPW.
      Mr. Acting Town Manager - ACT NOW. Restore confidence in town government. Avoid another ballot question to move to town meetings. (Do you think a town meeting body would put up with horse #*&! ?

    6. More Wasted $$$ here, thanks "Kudos" for you comments.

      Reality - we need to dump White Water now.

    7. If we'd run the water company ourselves we'd only have an additiional $800,000. a year which is only enough to cut the water rate payers fees $100 or so, do why bother? The additional employees would be an extra burden. to our Town Manager and Engineer- they work too hard as it is.

      Ha! just kidding. I wanted to sound like a traditional Councilor. Does anyone actually expect them to learn from the mistakes of last Councils? Like when we had a chance to dump Wood Recycling for breaking their lease contract? We should have listened go John Gatti back then, but the DPW Director at the time didn't want the extra work.

      How can a well managed company miss all that brass without noticing? The answer is they can't. I am not saying they weren't noticing, I am saying that they are not well managed.

      If Moriarty takes a leaderrship position and strikes when the iron is hot by getting our town attorney to fire Whitewater and also fix the mess Clark left with Charlton on the water deal, a seat in the State House would be assured, and he has the nuts to do it.

      Let's see if Apple us really about saving the rate payers money. Fix the deal with Charlton and water revenue will be up as much as 50% in five years or less without increasing our costs from " water over the DAM.

    8. Would Whitewater hire drug addicted workers, who would ultimately steal $15,000 worth of brass pieces for $1,300 in scrap?

  7. There is a hearing on Aug 7th to transfer control of the Southbridge cable television license from Charter Communications to Comcast. What will that mean to us?

    1. Go to the Hearing tooJuly 25, 2014 at 11:08 PM

      Hopefully it will mean that that we can renegotiate our awful Cable contract-it is nowhere as good as the deal Sturbridge got. Mr. Clark did not blow it as bad as he blew the water deal with Charlton, but maybe with Comcast we can do mu h better.

    2. I believe Charter and Comcast have now merged. So the infrastructure will hopefully improve with Comcast's deep pockets... but everything else I'm sure will remain the same.


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