Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Meeting - July 7, 2014


  1. I guess now we re-enter the Apathy-Zone

  2. never surrender?July 10, 2014 at 6:34 PM

    Not everyone is apathetic. Two guys with clip boards at the Bunny this afternoon, both half filled with signatures to return to Town Meetings. He said this time no typos, no changes to the town's engineer, and they want the exact wording on the ballot and not an oversimplified incomplete inaccurate review.

    Also they said twice as many people vote in the fall. Is that true? Also he said your blog is a better source of News than the Southbridge News, that you do great research but don't always come to the logical conclusion, and that this time the elderly retired Italians like Marketti and Marino are sitting this one out.

  3. What else is there to say but I'm glad Shaun is a teacher by trade because the newly elected need a lot of schooling.
    IE Yes Vote on meeting minutes that took place before the councilor was elected., trying to renegotiate a negotiated contract because it was negotiated prior to the disagreeing councilor being elected., A love of money and audio challenged councilor who acted like this was his first rodeo including trying to talk during the adjournment vote. Buckle up Clemence wasn't made chair but yet she stepped up to the plate for the Seniors. Kudos to her on that.

    1. senior warehouseJuly 11, 2014 at 8:19 PM

      HTF did Clemence do anything st all for the Seniors? Apparently nobody HSS bothered to talk with the Seniors at Arch's other less than impressive project.
      Handing a property worth well over $3 Million for less than half its value and for allowing a $5k Deposit is outrageously foolish. The only thing I can day for the proposed project is that at least it isn't within the smell zone of the sewerage composting or the rotting garbage near our virgin "Industrial Park".
      If Wells was converted to a storage facility for people's belongings it would be better than a warehouse for the elderly. I spent four years looking forward to getting out of that building forever.
      They sold Wells for a little more than the cost of the so called Community Center that hardly replaced the Senior Center. If Clemence's really wanted to help Seniors she would not have been behind giving the Casabaun Senior Centet rent free to the RMV. They should have made Wells our community Center?
      Why don't Southbridge residents ever get these great deals?

      $5000 down on a $1.2 million giveaway cheapens all of our Real Estate, and the Company doing it has very little experience.
      We can give an out of town inexperienced developer over a $million off on our former High Sclhool but we can't finish the airport restaurant after sinking over $100,000 for its water.

    2. Couldn't we have made a lot more money leasing Wells to the Quaboag School District so they could set up a satellite campus and save our students transportation costs?

    3. What $$$ We WasteJuly 12, 2014 at 10:25 AM

      Good point "Quaboag East.". But what is 1.2 million going to do for Southbridge really? It will almost pay the.school department's unemployment costs for this year ($400,000), the legal tab since McLoighlin and Donovan were elected ($500,000+-) the wrongfully terminated arbitration awards and the super-lucrative teachers contract. These costs are all needless and total well over the sale price of Wells JHS.
      Of course, McLoughlin and Donovan will never give the public the real figures, not part of their "transparency" campaign pledges.

      Oh, did I mention that the 1.2 million for Wells is also about how much the district spent in out-of-district school choice money THIS YEAR ( a massive increase since these two were elected). It's kinda like we gave Quabiag our building!

    4. OMG!! - 'senior warehouse' - were you at the meeting??? did you watch the meeting??? perhaps you should watch the video - there was ONLY 1 application - the $5000 was an 'application fee' not a deposit...no deposit has been made BECAUSE no purchase and sale agreement has been drafted..

      HMH was interested but decided not to have anything to do acquiring the building, perhaps, because they were looking for an even better 'deal' - most likely, they did not apply because they did their investigation re: rehab cost and discovered it would be much more than they could get funding for. Did this building not cost $$ 20 million or so to 'renovate' 20 years ago???? So how much will it cost now?? Perhaps you have not been in the building lately....it will most likely need to be gutted before there can be any use of the building.

      You state that Arch St Development is 'inexperienced' ? I did not get that impression from ATM Paicos comments. Quite the contrary, he stated they are experienced and he feels that they would be a good fit - and the project would be a good one for Southbridge.

      Again - if this was such a 'deal' - then why did NO ONE else make applcation - including HMH???

    5. STOP the Senior StalagJuly 15, 2014 at 12:00 AM

      Maybe HMH would have made a proposal if they knew the Council would be so foolish as to let the property go for less than half the asking price? The proposal did not meet our criteria, so why did the acting TM imply they had to do it? Is the Council going to surrender to every out of town company that threatens litigation without even a fight?
      We are better off knocking the building down and building a new Fire Station there, or maybe we can have a REAL Community Center on Main Street and build Senior Housing in the residential neighborhood where we have a so-called community center in which the children are not wanted by its neighbors?

      Only in a Town in which we invested over $Ten Million to "renovate" a half Million dollar steel building would some clown want to pour Federal funds down the drain for Senior housing a few hundred feet from the 600 block and Cross Street.

      Sorry, but our Seniors deserve better. Much better. We need a other senior housing project like Tag, not a public inner city housing project that will need renovation again in 15 years like we needed renovation at Wells after the last $20 million make over.
      There is s reason this was done after and not before the election.

    6. Post-election taxpayer screwingJuly 15, 2014 at 10:54 AM

      You are right. Denise Clemence and Monique Manna taking care ofaanother pal.

    7. Wow, I was referring to taking action on the contract for the senior's exercise program not the building.
      If this is a friend or relative or whatever can someone spell out the connection with the building?
      Again short of that she did step up for seniors.

  4. Post-election taxpayer screwingJuly 15, 2014 at 10:58 AM

    I wonder if this was done to try and hinder the group proceeding with charter school proposal?
    That building certainly had charter school potential, but there are still other potential sites, but Wells was a good one.

    1. Post election, your comment helps explain why some of the more gifted Councilors went along with this absurd proposal-to provide the town's largest jobs program some relief from the students seeking an opportunity to learn by leaving the Southbridge schools.
      About a year ago some of the people hoping to establish a Charter school were told that the town will not accept less than $3 Million under any circumstances and that only the town barn and the old water Company were going to reduce in price.
      HOW DID THE PRICE GO FROM OVER $3 MILLION TO LESS THAN HALF THAT PRICE WITHOUT IT CLEARLY BEING EXPLAINED at a Council Meeting?? Was this why they went into " executive session" a few
      Meetings ago?
      There are at least THREE superior uses for that building (HMH, a Charter School, and a Community Center) that did not have a fair shot because the Arch Street advocates are hiding behind the skirts of old ladies claiming this is for the elderly, but it IS Corporate welfare for developers! And apparently Arch Street was not told that less than $3 Million would not be accepted, so they offer less than half our lowest price and the new manager recommended we accept it? Sorry, our new manager hasn't been around long enough to do due diligence on this matter.
      And the Councilors that are claiming that being against this smelly Wells deal is like being against the elderly, they should know better. If they care for our elderly they"d put them somewhere they'd like to live
      We can't all marry money and move to Country Club Place.

      Times are tough but not so bad that we have to sell a school on what is EXCELLENT commercial property for less than half its value to warehouse our elderly when we have lots of land in town to build abodes that show we care.

      Even Apple knew better!

  5. When can I enroll my kids in this new "Charter School" ? Would love them to get out of the middle high school!

    1. Charter School NeededJuly 17, 2014 at 6:06 PM

      You and a whole lot more!

  6. More Teachers leaving, check School Spring: http://www.schoolspring.com/searchform.cfm?newSearch=&state=&q=southbridge You will notice that there are none of those "Administrative Jobs" posted.

    1. how are they offering make up french classes this summer ( because of not being able to keep a french teacher during the school year) if they are currently still trying to hire a french teacher?

    2. She's smart enough to marry a rich guy

  7. Just heard that another guidance councilor if leaving . . .

    1. Dump Donovan andxQuinneyJuly 27, 2014 at 5:34 PM

      Yup.rs Charon has gone to Millbury. If you were attacked on TV like shecwad by Donovan and Quinney, you'd get out too.

  8. We are still stuck with Hatch. Who would hire her? Only Southbridge!
    Word has it she and Rebecca Sweetman are doing all the schedules for the middle/high school. That is, when they're not following the new principal around kissing her ass. (Hatch better watch out for Sweetman after what she did to poor Ms. Dargie!). Hopefully Ms. Dargie will be back shortly.

  9. Thanks, it figures we would get stuck with the deadwood!


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