Saturday, August 9, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting Agenda - August 12, 2014

LOCATION: Robert G. MacKinnon Council Chambers, 41 Elm Street

DATE: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TIME: 7:00 PM

I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Public Input
III. Meeting Called to Order

IV. Roll Call
V. Approval of Minutes
            A. Regular School Committee—July 29, 2014
VI. Chairperson’s Announcements
VII. Reports
            A. None.
VIII. School Committee Reports – FY’15
            A. Curriculum Subcommittee-Mrs. Donovan
            B. Policy Subcommittee-Mrs. McLoughlin
            C. Negotiations Subcommittee-Mrs. Quinney
            D. Family & Community Engagement Subcommittee-Mrs. Congdon
            E. Sped PAC Liaison-Mrs. Quinney
IX. Presentations
            A. Introductions
              1. Ms. Melissa Earls, Principal, Southbridge Middle/High School
              2. Mr. William Lataille, Principal, Charlton Street School
              3. Mr. Vinnie Regan, Principal, West Street School
              4. Ms. Mary Skrzypczak, Principal, Eastford Road School
              5. Mrs. Stacy Burgess, Assistant Principal, West Street School
X. Report of the Finance Director
XI. Report of the Superintendent
XII. School Committee Actions
            A. Vote to approve the Southern Worcester County Educational 
              Collaborative Quarterly Report for the period July 2013 -September 2013.
            B. Vote to approve the Collaborative Agreement of the Southern Worcester 
              County Educational Collaborative, established pursuant to provisions of
              MGL Chapter 40, Section 4E and 603 CMR 50.00.
            C. Vote to appoint Ms. Karen Proulx School Nurse at Charlton Street 
              School per MGL  Chapter 71, Section 53.
            D. Third reading and vote to adopt policy File ADF: Wellness Policy.
            E. Vote waive the readings and adopt amended background check policies:
              File ADDA:Background Checks and File ADDA-R: DCJIS Model CORI
              Policy on an emergency basis to comply with provisions of MGL 
              Chapter 71, Section 38R and 603 CMR 51:00.
            F. Vote to waive the readings and adopt amended student attendance policy:
              File JH: Student Absences and Excuses on an emergency basis to comply
              with provisions of MGL Chapter 76, Sections 1 and 18.
            G. Vote to waive the readings and adopt amended student discipline policies:
              File JIC:Student Discipline, and File JK: Student Conduct on an emergency
              basis to comply with provisions of MGL Chapter 71, Sections37H, 37 ½ , 
              37 ¾ and 603CMR 53:00
            H. Vote to waive the readings and adopt amended policy File IJOC: School 
              Volunteers on an emergency basis to comply with provisions of MGL 
              Chapter 71, Section 38R and 603 CMR 51:00.
            I. Vote to waive the readings and adopt new policy File IN: Preschool 
               Tuition Policy on an exigent basis.
            J. Vote to approve the 2014-2015 Helping Hands preschool tuition fee, as
              recommended by the Superintendent.
            K. Vote to suspend current food service policies: File EFC: Free and 
               Reduced Price Food Services and File EFD: School Meal Charging
            L. Vote to revoke policy File IJOA: Field Trips.
XIII. Unfinished Business
XIV. New Business
            A. First Reading of amended policy File JII: Student Complaints and 
            B. First Reading of amended policy File JJH: Field Trips, Overnight 
               Travel and International Travel
            C. First Reading of amended policy File JJH-R: Student Travel 
            D. The next regular School Committee meeting will be held on 
                 August 26, 2014, in Council Chambers.
            E. Member Forum
XV. Executive Session
            A. Vote to go into executive session to:
              1. Discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining for union and 
                  nonunion personnel or litigation to the extent that an open meeting
                  may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining or litigation position 
                  of the governmental body pursuant to Chapter 30A, Section 21(a), 
                  Part 3.
             B. Roll Call
             C. Vote to conclude executive session and return to open session
             D. Roll Call  
XVI. Open Session
             A. Adjournment


  1. Non-Transparency CommitteeAugust 9, 2014 at 8:21 AM

    XII - School Committee Actions
    E. Vote to waive the reading . . .
    F. Vote to waive the reading . . .
    G. Vote to waive the reading . . .
    H. Vote to waive the reading . . .
    I. Vote to waive the reading . . .

    XV . Vote to go into executive session . . .

    How's that there "transparency" thingy workin" out fo us knot-sew-smatt fokes????

    Every building has a new principal? Now there's some of that stability and consistency that Buzz told us all about during his BS report on last year's MCAS scores. Since our new school opened less than two years ago the building has seen how many principals? Let's review:
    Mr. Bishop
    Ms. Perreault
    Mr. Leach (acting)
    Mrs. Allen
    Co-Acting principals Mr. (forgot his name) & Mrs. Potter
    Mrs. Earls

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think this a major problem? Oh, did I note that at least two of these former principals have filed suits for wrongful termination?

    Our poor kids. (Not McLoughlin's or Donovan's kids - they're well taken care of. Not so much for our kids).

  2. The simple fact that this site let's nitwits criticize someone's children is reason enough not to come back. Have you no decency?

    1. dido ~ I agree with u 100 % ~ they r well on their way 2 making it {no decency} their own ‘signature trademark’.

  3. That's not how the comment reads. Nobody was criticizing the actual kids, just implying that they receive preferential treatment.


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