Friday, August 29, 2014

Woodruff Weighs In On Trinity

Patricia Woodruff

Ok people it's time for my 2 cents on this one!! I have done my homework on this lunch situation. Thirty plus years ago the School District and Trinity had a good faith agreement to feed the children. Back then the School Committee and Trinity worked as a team. They were given 2 people to work there and the food to feed the kids. Trinity has always paid for their lunches and milk which covered the cost of the employees and the food. There is nothing illegal about it. Now the cost of everything has gone up and quality of food down, therefore leading to less kids buying. As a result, Trinity brings in less money while the cost of everything continues to increase.
 The School Committee has known about this because we approved the lunch prices. There were 2 audits done by the State and they went to Trinity and were ok with it. The records are out there showing all the money Trinity made and sent back to the District. Trinity never abused the system nor kept anything a secret. It is just unfair how things have turned out and the ones it hurts most are the children.


  1. Is this the same Pat Woodruff who dissed the voters who elected her when she resigned from the school committee when she was booted from the chairmanship? She was so funny when she tried to run a committee meeting. But the new Boss Hog has tried to make the meetings just as comical. This past Tuesday night's meeting set a new standard for the education train's stop at "Dysfunction Junction."
    But I digress, the Trinity lunch debacle is wrong on so many fronts, the most despicable being the timing. After 30+ years of collaboration to bock in the eleventh and a half hour was unconscionable, but predicable from the McLoughlin camp. These girls think very little about others.
    They also think even less about timeliness of their actions. Just watch the recent meeting in which each school building's student handbook was discussed, and voted on. This was done the night before school opened. This was done without the committee members not having seen the books until midway through the meeting. How could Donovan check the spelling? Never mind the thought that each member might wish to actually read the handbooks. That begs the question, "Why even have the school committee vote on these books?" Ut was quite a sham; one of countless shams that the McLoughlin gang has perpetrated on our district.
    Remember when the Jovan guy was running our schools? Oh, I harken for the professional, get the job done, days of the Jovan team.

    1. Your criticism of Pat Woodruff is overblown. Aside from the first few meetings where she was getting her footing, she did a good job. What Jovan had was a committee that had substantial experience. Patty, on the other hand, had a totally dysfunctional committee dominated by a group of four that made her role as chairman untenable. They drove her out of the chairmanship and the committee. The consequences are on clear display for all to see – and for the town to suffer through.

  2. The failure continuesAugust 29, 2014 at 12:08 PM

    This was supposed to be the one accomplishment that came from the otherwise failed tenure of Nembirkow. Now we hear that student fees paid for not only lunches and milk, but that they also covered the cost of personnel. Not one, but two state audits verified this fact. So what did Buzz accomplish other than creating chaos among the faculty, swelling the administration, driving unemployment costs through the roof, compelling even more students to move out of the district and leaving us with an inexperienced successor while still dipping his beak?
    Let’s see what the new school year brings.

    1. Buzz leaves in utter failureAugust 29, 2014 at 1:39 PM

      So what did Buzz accomplish other than creating chaos among the faculty, swelling the administration, driving unemployment costs through the roof, compelling even more students to move out of the district and leaving us with an inexperienced successor while still dipping his beak?

      Well, beyond spouting political rhetoric and tales of yesteryear:
      He mentored, trained,and steered this amateur school committee down the wrong track. He has them thinking all this volunteer work makes them employees of the district and superior to anyone else.
      He neutered principals site based management rights which played heavily in some people leaving in the past and will certainly cause more to leave in the future.
      He has a dismal arbitration hearing rate which hi-lights his anti teacher philosophy which he has passed on in his mentoring,training and steering. Sorry the financial drain is killing us and clearly the arbitrators are saying without say it that we have the wrong people making these horrible decisions.
      He is just like every other supt. who said they fixed the systems because there weren't any systems in place. Then we discover the politicized Trinity situation and how many more to come? The great Buzz is now enjoying the benefits of patronage and is hiding behind the curtain pulling strings like a puppet master while collecting his mentoring fee. Mentoring which we could get for free and possibly be better served too! Given the financial carnage his leadership has caused with our money why do we allow him to continue to "dip his beak" while paying someone else with the title to do the job ? Ah, thats right; his loyal (mentored, trained,and steered) amateur school committee. God help us!

  3. Thankful for school choice!!!

  4. What became of the former Finance Director who "uncovered" this?


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