Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 MCAS Results Are In

Ken O'Brien
The District remains Level 4

Here are the 2013 results for the purpose of comparison:


  1. Level 4 - no kiddingSeptember 19, 2014 at 5:08 PM

    Why would anyone expect the district to move from Level 4?
    A key factor in organizational improvement is stability in personnel. Our district is the poster child for personnel instability. Every one of our schools has a new principal, the district has another new superintendent, countless new teachers every year, countless central office personnel changes and needless new positions. etc.
    The only personnel change our school system needs is on the school committee!

  2. our schools are rated level 3 but it's our school governance, (administration and SC) that is rated level 4.
    Mcas will not change that rating now as that determination happens separately in the spring.
    That determination is Buzz Nembirkow's legacy and not Pat Gardner's. Honestly I am surprised but what I am about to say but... In many ways I see Pat Gardner's superintendency as far superior than that of the nasty politics and lawyer fee feeding ways of her predecessor. Unless a someone with more proven experience and her disposition and willingness to get things done comes along This Superintendent should be extended beyond her 1 yr deal. Can you imagine this SC with a lame Duck Supt. trying to conduct a new search on our dime? Yikes!

  3. The sins of the father. Gardner was the teeth in the Buzz' saw and was repaid being given the superintendency. Gardner's former job was teaching and curriculum director and the lack of progress is directly connected to tenure.

  4. We have all had bad bosses who stood in the way of going forward. Now that she has been given the opportunity to quietly spread disinfectant on the past central office practices she can create that change. She should be given some more rope to work with than you are allowing, IMHO.
    We've seen their hypocritical non search committee and other "Worst" Practices so the alternative may not be what you are looking for either.


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