Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Have To Ask…

Ken O’Brien

There’s clearly a lot of discomfort about Gregory Lewis’ escape. I have no desire to get involved in the debate as to whether or not he should have been released on bail.

However, on September 20th  the Southbridge Police Department issued an advisory that he had cut off his GPS bracelet and fled the area.

On September 25th it was reported that he had returned to his Southbridge residence. He assaulted a family member and restrained them so that they could not call the police. He escaped again taking with him a firearm and 200 rounds of ammunition. Since then he has been sighted in Vernon, CT and was pinged in Hartford. 

My question is this. Following his escape in the first place shouldn’t the local police have staked out his home on the chance that he would return? 

Just asking.


  1. What? Are you some kind of troublemaker? We have limited resources on the force and why would he come back home after he was free and clear anyways? It was a million to one likelyhood.

    1. People gotta eat & stay warm. No doubt, winter is coming. That takes $$$.

    2. What's Your Problem?September 28, 2014 at 2:02 AM

      Whoa dude, chill out. It's a reasonable question the man is asking. What higher priority did the cops have at the time? I've wondered the very same thing myself.

    3. If we need your opinions and Monday morning quarterbacking you'll be asked, go to the Academy and join the force if you make the cut. We don't need civies questioning Police decisions.

      In this town there are enough knowitalls questioning everything that the schools and the town managers and the health board makes.

    4. What's Your Problem?September 28, 2014 at 5:31 PM

      Sieg Heil, Cracker.

    5. What's Your Problem 2?September 28, 2014 at 8:30 PM

      Sounds to me like this fascist has something to hide. Whats the matter, did you blow it and your only response is to attempt to intimidate? if this goose stepping nazi really is a police officer his fellow officers should smoke him out before he takes out his rage on an innoccent civilian.

    6. Support Respectful PoliceSeptember 28, 2014 at 8:42 PM

      Hey SYP you are in need of a serious attitude adjustment or another line of work.
      First I hope you aren’t a real cop employed in this town and are just someone trying to talk like one.
      This is not how I expect the hired help to talk or someone pretending to be the hired help.
      A cop is simply hired help supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE. You are not the morale equivalent of Father knows best!
      Law enforcement is a respectful profession but the hired help often forgets the communities’ RESPECT must be EARNED as it not just assigned to you with your badge and gun. Your sound so vain you probably think it is.
      There are Southbridge cops who truly get this and there are some who CLEARLY don’t. It usually takes only 30 seconds of talking to one to figure which kind of cop you’re talking to and if you want to continue talking to them. The former type of cop is who I support. The later kind is not the kind we need to continue to hire or keep employed.
      We want to see you doing your job, doing a better job of getting rid of drugs in this town, and of course being respectful while doing it. If you get something caught in your zipper while putting your pants on – in the morning STAY HOME!

  2. This kid is now armed and probably in a desperate state. Did his family post bond ?


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