Sunday, September 21, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting Agenda - September 23, 2014

LOCATION: Robert G. MacKinnon Council Chambers, 41 Elm Street

DATE: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TIME: 7:00 PM

I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Public Input
III. Meeting Called to Order

IV. Roll Call
V. Approval of Minutes
            A. Regular School Committee—September 9, 2014
            B. Committee of the Whole—September 10, 2014
            C. School Committee Retreat—September 6, 2014
            D. School Committee/SHS Student Advisory Committee
                 – September 17, 2014
VI. Chairperson’s Announcements
VII. Reports
            A. Representative of the Student Advisory Committee
                 1. Cameron Boisvert
VIII. School Committee Reports – FY’15
            A. Curriculum Subcommittee-Mrs. Donovan
            B. Ad-Hoc Committee-Superintendent Evaluation-Mrs. Donovan
             C. Negotiations Subcommittee-Mrs. Quinney
             D. Sped PAC Liaison-Mrs. Quinney
            E. Family & Community Engagement Subcommittee-Mrs. Congdon
            F. School Committee/Student Advisory Committee – Mrs. Congdon
            G. Policy Subcommittee-Mrs. McLoughlin
IX. Presentations
X. Report of the Finance Director
XI. Report of the Superintendent
            A. MCAS Update-Southbridge High School
XII. School Committee Actions
            A. Third Reading and adoption of policy File JICI: Possession or Use of Weapons.
            B. Third Reading and adoption of policy File FF-Commemoration of Facilities.
            C. Vote to revoke policy File EFD: School Meal Charging
            D. Vote to replace Mapping Club at SMHS with Magic Club
            E. Vote to appoint MASC Delegate and Alternate for Joint Conference November 2014
            F. Vote to approve Use of School Facilities Fee Schedule
            G. Vote to create Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning position
            H. Vote to eliminate Director of Teaching and Learning position
            I. Vote to appoint Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
XIII. Unfinished Business
             A. Mary E. Wells/Cole Trade High School Alumni-Change in intention for donation
XIV. New Business
            A. The next regular School Committee meeting will be held on October 14 2014, in
                 Council Chambers.
            B. School Committee Operating Frameworks
            C. First Reading of new policy File EFC: Food Services
            D. Member Forum
XV. Executive Session
A. Vote to go into executive session to:
1. Discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining for union and nonunion
personnel or litigation to the extent that an open meeting may have a detrimental
effect on the bargaining or litigation position of the governmental body pursuant to
Chapter 30A, Section 21(a), Part 3.
            a. Southbridge Education Association, Unit C Contract
            b. Educational Consultant Contract
2. To consider the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property if the Chair
declares that an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the negotiating
position of the public body pursuant to Chapter 30A, Section 21(a), Part 6.
            a. House of Destiny Ministries, Inc. D/B/A Youth Center
 B. Roll Call
XVI. Open Session
             A. Southbridge Education Association, Unit C Contract
             B. House of Destiny Ministries, Inc. D/B/A Youth Center Contract
             C. Adjournment


  1. More BS Headed Our Way on Tuesday NightSeptember 21, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    It appears that there will be a report on MCAS issues at the high school on Tuesday night. Will they be detailing the number of seniors that have failed to reach the State's mandatory level of proficiency for graduation? Are they going to explain why reportedly 30 students are in this negative situation? Are they going to blow smoke at us about what they're already done (apparently very little), and the new state-of-the-art initiative to assist these struggling students? Better get your hip boots out - the BS will be flowing!

    What ever the case, it appears that it is a knee jerk response to a recent blogger on this site highlighting the plight of these students. Why do bloggers have to be the impetus for helping our students? Why aren't the countless $100,000.00+ personnel recognizing and addressing these shortfalls? Why are the leaders of the school committee holding these personnel accountable? Every single $100,000.00 employee has been employed by McLoughlin and Donovan's crew, they can no longer blame Jack Jovan and Scott Lazo. It's time to hold our elected officials accountable.

    Thank God this blog continues to operate to help our students from being ignored, neglected and ill-prepared for life past high school.

  2. I agree with “More BS headed our way on Tuesday night”.

    We’re almost guaranteed a spiel that will tell us that the results are actually quite good. All you have to do is remove the results for ELL and special ed. students and there has been measurable change. All you have to do is look at the chart prepared by this blog for the grade 10 math results and see what happens. Students stumble along from grade 3 with advanced and proficient scores declining while needs help and failing numbers rise. Then, suddenly, all the resources are called into play to buck up the numbers in preparation for the grade 10 tests. Talk about teaching to the test.

    And what about the thirty students who failed last year? Are they being addressed? What about the reports that some graduating students actually had failed their MCAS tests? Is the Superintendent going to address these questions? I doubt it.

    1. If a single person was awarded a diploma from our school without having earned a level of proficiency on all 3 mandated subject tests it wrongfully diminishes the accomplishments of those students who actually passed.

      Any person who signed such a fraudulent diploma, ie., Chair of the School Committee, Superintendent, Principal and Assistant Principal should be terminated immediately. These folks have had no problem terminating (in most cases wrongfully) many, many individuals during their two-year reign of incompetence.

      But the DESE (Dept of Ed.) is doing the audit - talking about incompetent!

  3. Parent of recent grad who had an EPPSeptember 21, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    Actually you do not need to score proficient in all 3 tests. If you came close you are given an EPP educational proficiency plan. The student has to take Math and or English in their senior year depending on which subject they needed an EPP for. The funny part is the EPP requires a test at the end of their senior year, however the student doesn't have to actually do well on the test, and the school decides what the test will be. The whole EPP is kinda a joke. If you didn't come close to proficiency then you have to retake MCAS. The students who came close and received an EPP are actually not allowed to retake MCAS.

  4. Earls is a Perfect FitSeptember 23, 2014 at 11:57 PM

    Unbelievable! Our latest "expert" principal of our 75 million dollar school chimes in that the former principals didn't leave the necessary MCAS records. Well, try the DESE security portal, it has all student, district, building, and any other data you need. I know she was a very inexperienced elementary principal thrown into a building spiraling out of control when you took the $$$$ for the job. Time to do the job and stop blaming any for the failures. The data is there, get off your butt and look for it.

    Donovan,stop the crocodile tears. You allowed the hiring of the past 5 principals of our new school since you voted for one principal to run the building. The scores are deplorable and you're the reason, along with the other knowallogist, McLoughlin.

    Now we have Principal Earls blaming supposedly lost data for 59% of grade 8 students failing math MCAS. Earls will fit right in with the other incompetent "leaders" of our pathetic school district!

  5. Nightmare on Elm StreetSeptember 24, 2014 at 5:38 PM

    I urge every resident, parent and student of Southbridge to watch the Tuesday, September 23, 2014 school committee meeting. The failures that have taken place in regards to state mandated MCAS testing is horrific. The district NEVER OFFERED STUDENTS the opportunity to pass these tests.

    This year's scheduling was never done in accordance with MassCore regulations. Now Ms. Gardner asked publicly for three more teachers. We have less students than ever and we need more teachers. All students met MassCore and were completely sceduled in compliance with MassCore under Bishop.

    Watch this meeting and be as outraged as this poster was watching this horror show.

    Since McLoughlin and Donovan "fixed" the district we have, literally, Nightmare on Elm Street.

  6. 25 Million Dollars WastedSeptember 24, 2014 at 6:08 PM

    A quick review of the September 23, 2014 School Committee Meeting:


    After a few frivolous and fluffy sub-committee reports, the agenda moved onto the serious systemic flaws which came to light this week . . . .

    Superintendent report she had a busy week going to events; including the football game, volleyball game, fundraiser at the Public House, etc. Then the MCAS talk . . . “The numbers don’t always give the full story;” “We’re not going to give you a dog and pony show;” “We brought in great administrators this year;” There’s more to it than looking at a number;” etc.

    Superintendent acknowledges that 38 members of the senior class who failed MCAS tests their sophomore year were never afforded the opportunities to take state MCAS retests during their junior year. Now they are seniors and still need to pass the MCAS tests for graduation.

    Mrs. Donovan gave us the tears that this massive district failure happened under her watch, and it did. This NEVER happened under previous school committees or principals. SHAME on this school district.

    Dr. Page asked where the breakdown occurred. Ms. Gardner replied that the protocols were there, but not adhered to.

    Keep in mind, it was during this time period when the middle/high school had one principal sitting at central office doing God knows what, an acting high school principal and an acting middle school principal. 3 principals and no one knew to offer these students the chance to earn their full high school diploma? Where were those crack guidance counselors?

    Ms. Gardner stated, “We could have slid this under the rug.” Probably would have except this information was put out on this blog.

    Next failure - This year’s scheduling was not done in accordance with MASSCORE requirements. Ms. Gardner contends that SHS never complied with MassCore – absolutely WRONG. SHS fully complied with, and scheduled all students in accordance with, MassCore under Principal Bishop.

    Where was Superintendent Nembirkow during these colossal failures? Perhaps on the third green at Cohasse County Club.

    Now Ms. Gardner wants three additional teachers at the high school ($200,000). We have less students than ever and we need more teachers? Let’s dump some of the administrators, who apparently can’t get the job done anyway.

    Ms. Gardner stated, “MCAS scores will improve.” Where have we heard this before? Oh yea, Mr. Nembirkow and the school committee “guaranteed” that last year. Gonna need more fire extinguishers – lots of pants on fire!


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