Friday, September 5, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - September 8, 2014




SEPTEMBER 8, 2014-7:00 PM

l.   Pledge of Allegiance

2.  Roll Call

3.  Consider and accept Town Council Meeting Minutes of Monday, August 25, 2014.

4.   Subcommittee Reports:
            (a)  General Government
            (b)  D.P.W.
            (c) Education and Human Services
            (d) Planning and Development
            (e) Protection of Persons and Property
            (f)  Town Manager Search Committee

5.  Chairman's Announcements

6.  Town Manager's Announcements

7.   Swearing In/ Presentation
            a) Boards & Committees: Bicentennial Committee- Steve Brady, Co-Chairman

8.  Citizens Forum

9.  Vote to appropriate $150,000.00 from the Landfill Royalty Receipts Reserved Account #6790 to the FY 2015 School Capital Projects Account as follows:

     Network and Telecommunications Hardware                                         $28,000.00
     Capital Technology - Copy machine Leases District-wide                       71,000.00
     Acquisition of Motor Vehicles                                                                  51,000.00
  Total Capital Expenditures                                                                       $150,000.00

10. Vote to amend the Code of By-law  Section 7 to correct  the numbering  section  of the Graffiti  By-law changing  it from Section  7-503, approved  at 4/7/14  Town Council  Meeting,  to Section  7-508;   this does not affect the content  of the By-law  in any way.

11.  Vote to add an amendment to Town Council Minutes of April 7, 2014,  agenda item # 10 to reflect that a change was made to Section 7-503 Graffiti By-law to Section 7-508 as explained in Town Clerk memo dated 9/4/14.

12.  Vote to approve the Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the keeping of livestock on less than five (5) acres as recommended by the Planning Board.
                                                                        Second Reading

13.  Councilors Forum

14.  Discussion of next meeting date-Monday,  September 22, 2014  at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers. 

15. Adjournment

1 comment:

  1. The handling of the water situation was so typical of Southbridge officials in their let them eat cake approach.

    Town: Water is safe to drink no notification needed.
    Tax payer: Holy crap the water is brown! I can't drink this why isn't the town telling us what is going on? Off to the store to buy water before there isn't any more to buy. Call to complain about water color and how long it will be like this to prepare for water needs throughout the problem. Social media tells people to boil water and is the only public message available to anyone. Trust in public water supply dwindling due to lack of information and ability to reach anyone with answers. Wonder if someone stole a critical piece of the filtration system?

    Town: Wow we misjudged the public response to providing brown water to them. The complaint calls have been like nothing else we have ever done to them.
    Taxpayer: Why didn't you use the emergency 911 system you just promoted and put in place?

    Town: Who knows how to use that system anyway. The water is only discolored and it was safe all along so let them eat cake. Besides, if they conserve and don't use the water we can raise the rates again. You know I don't understand the out cry.
    No one can say we didn't inform them because we faxed a press release to the newspaper and they'll get the info this Friday - 9 days afterward the problem occurred.
    Taxpayer: Anyone want to buy my house I'm outta here.


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