Sunday, September 28, 2014

The First Step


  1. If you're going to be fair and balanced you cannot forget Congdon, Culligan and Hatch.

    Don't forget Mr. O'Brien, "Do your job well" or Donovan will be upset.

  2. We have to keep a functioning school committee and Congdon is the lesser of five evils. As far as the others, let's have a breather without the slave masters.

    1. Slow Down and Think about itSeptember 29, 2014 at 12:51 AM

      keep a functioning SC - hmm, perhaps that true but, more importantly we have to keep someone at the top of this district who knows something about it. She may not be perfect in her new position but ... look at the chaos the high turnover in Superintendency has continually brought us and the time lost pursuing the game of catch up to an ever moving target. Everyone at the top is new all over again and things like this MCAS testing debacle occur when too many people get changed at once. For all we know the test results are in a box with someone olds name on them waiting to be opened. The chaos of turnover is far worse then the chaos of making a mistake or thinking you made a mistake and actually disclosing it.

      So compare Gardner to any of the previous Supt. and then say why she should go. I say give her a chance and more time. At least her approach to management is refreshing and she brings in a wealth of (mostly free) resources to advance the district. She is trying hard with no ongoing guarantee from the SC. Would you?

      Hanley - micro-manager, all the cases of suspicion and wrong doing (and there were many) all led to no evidence to support but that doesn't mean those things didn't occur. A teacher basher who passed the buck and never owned it.
      Ely - He came with baggage and left caught checking out someone else's baggage. That is when he wasn't playing around.- of Golf.
      Buzz - wasted our money, wasted and abused our talent. wasted our time and signed on for a patronage deal wasting more of our money. Major failure of not leading and training a rookie SC but in letting a rookie SC lead him. Never missed a Tee Time or the opportunity to tell you just how good he was even if you were talking about moldy swiss cheese. Helped put Brent Abrahamson on the SC.
      Pretty Stellar hey?

      Now - Since Gardner's hands have been untied and she owns the position.
      Attempt at bringing honesty to the community.
      Attempt at being civil and not political to others and it shows in the SC recent change of tune.
      Attempt to actually make a difference and get the job done. Stays late working and is trying to repair the wake of damage done by her predecessor and the SC. She looked the public in the eye and said we screwed up. Plenty of screw ups were done under all the above mentioned. Can you remember any of them trying to be that honest with us? Isn't that what we've wanted for a really long time?

      Yes, we certainly have questions that need to be answered and hopefully she will continue to be all of the above and answer them. She is new and will grow with the position. Give her a chance to explain all this. Give her a chance to move past the shadow of her predecessor and you may just be surprised.
      You DO NOT WANT THE STATE COMING here if you want lower taxes or a say in our towns education. Don't give up local control but lets take control and make people more accountable than just saying my bad. I'm glad people are finally ticked off but lets focus that energy on a real solution and not making things worse. Give Gardner someone decent on SC to work with and call her directly if you want answers. For the first time in a long time its actually possible to get them. Don't throw that away! Slow Down and Think about it.

    2. Gardner Needs To Go FirstSeptember 29, 2014 at 9:11 AM

      Well this reply certainly sounds like one of those endless new central officer administrors. Another Springfield misfit telling us dumb Southbridge folks "what we need."

      Gardner is ill-prepared, lacks experience, and lacks vision. Her speaking at Tuesday night's SC meeting clearly demonstrated her unwillingness to be a "the buck stops here" leader.

      And Gardner's remedy. . . clueless. After school and Saturday tutorials. Good luck with that!

      The scheduling debacle . . . Give me three more teachers ($200,000). They don't need more teachers, they need better schedulers. But Pat Gardner doesn't care anymore about Southbridge's budget issues; she, like Hanley, Ely and Buzz don't think enough of us to live here.

      She only using Southbridge to look for her next gig.

  3. Save Our Schools -SOSSeptember 29, 2014 at 6:31 AM

    Slow Down, even if there was no wrong doing by Gardner (and that would be a miracle because she is nothing more than a bully who did Buzz's bidding) she has lost the confidence of the community. Don't be fooled by her public demeanor, she is Eddie Haskell of this black comedy.

    1. Slow Down and Think about itSeptember 29, 2014 at 12:53 PM

      Our own School Committee has lost the Confidence of the Community long before Gardner took control. If you want to save the schools start a recall petition against them and campaign to remove them.
      Let someone else pick the next Superintendent or we will be stuck with a committee who doesn't have the public's confidence picking the next Superintendent and that person being in the same position of no winning against the vocal minority BB Crowd shoes as Gardner is in.

      GNTGF - Under Buzz, Kathleen Potter was in the principal's place keeper position when this MCAS issue and many others came to be., She is now an elementary Asst principal instead of being gone. If she is proven to be at fault (as opposed to being over her head) and kept only then will I give your words credence. Garner wasn't in charge and you are simply making her guilty by association. Start with what's in your control - Recall the SC. chair and the other jayvee members. Get to work as one objective gets your second objective accomplished too..

    2. Deserting A Sinking Ship?September 29, 2014 at 1:11 PM

      Slow down and think about it is sounding like a member of the current administrative structure. Just in case there is a backlash against the school committee, absolve their bureaucratic hires - they were only following orders. Throw the SC idiots under the bus, but allow the functionaries to keep their jobs and "prove" themselves.

      I'm not buying it. These people were willing tools of the school committee leaders and now they are deserting them like rats deserting a sinking ship. They deserve to be set adrift as well.

    3. Slow Down and Think about itSeptember 29, 2014 at 1:45 PM

      No, slow down and think about it is sounding like well someone who has slow down and thought about it. Backlash against the school committee is and has been ongoing from their first days in office . It's not a case - of just in case. RECALL THEM.

      This is starting to sound like the divisive debate of Red Sox management should Francona, Valentine and now I guess Farrell stay or go. There is no clear cut answer that doesn't upset the entire system or fan base which is my point. Short sightedness will only let the chaos continue. All I'm asking is that people slow down and think about things before denying her the opportunity to make a positive difference. Ist quarter grades aren't even out yet but some people want her head which is kind of silly in my opinion. George B Wells or Albert Lanni is not walking through that door folks. Fine don't listen to me - listen to Rick Pitino

    4. Oh pah..leeze!! We have all these 'administrators' that are getting hefty salaries of close to and over $100,000 - and nobody's 'in charge' ?!?!?!?!?! Educating our kids is a team effort - and there is no 'i' in team; many hands were in this pot - and while I now believe that the retests were in fact given - no one person is responsible for this; seems to me that there are too many administrators, worried about their titles and giddy w/the fact that Southbridge has been willing to hand them megabucks - they don't seem to have time to DO THEIR JOB - AND DO IT RIGHT; oh wait...maybe no one knows what their job is ?!?!? "it was her responsibility" - "not on my watch' - 'not my job' - 'someone was not truthful' - Oh Good Grief!!!

  4. Can anyone let us know what happened at the Superintendent Evaluation Ad-Hoc Committee meeting on September 17?

    1. I don’t know. But there’s another one scheduled for Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 5:45 p.m. in room M115, 25 Cole Avenue.

    2. I hope that somebody is there or at the following Policy subcommittee meeting to ask some questions and report back to those of us who want to know what is going on.

  5. Hey Lauren and Kara, there aren't enough tears in the world to get you off the hook on this one. Face the music, your reign of terror is coming to an end. Make it easy on everybody and resign.

  6. There pal Dave better hear the train coming.. District emails are public information

  7. Clean up our schoolsSeptember 29, 2014 at 6:27 PM

    Actually wasn't Gardner covering for Buzz sick leave? So wasn't she in charge for most of last year? Colleen Culligan is the head of guidance, she should have caught the error, she knew her guidance councilors were lacking sufficient skills, so she should have been watching them closely. Also look at most of the hiring this summer it was positions she is in charge of, they all quit because she is awful. She doesn't help, is condescending and rude, and doesn't own her mistakes.

    1. Condescending and rude? Sounds like perfect descriptors for McLoughlin and Donovan.

      I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why these two nitwits voted to extend Ely's contract for two additional years after only three days on the school committee. Why won't they release the investigative report? It's common knowledge what he is alleged to have done, and to whom. Do these two think it's OK to have someone like Ely working for the district? Would they go into a room alone with him?

      These two have demonstrated poor judgement from as early as three days on the school committee. Our schools can not take any more of their incompetence. Our pocketbooks can't take anymore of their incompetence.

  8. Save our Schools -SOSSeptember 30, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    Let the State send in a Superintendent who has a proven record and a PHD. Not that a PHD is important or even valuable, but because the person will not be trying to prove or test his/her theories in order to punch their ticket. In the interregnum they should hire someone local like Bill Bishop or Joe Bialy to start the process of requiring the present Administrators to re-apply for their jobs. That way, the new superintendent complete the hiring process.

    This action needs to be taken now. And the new superintendent in place by the 1st of the year.

    1. HUSH NOW you've said enoughSeptember 30, 2014 at 3:30 PM

      they should hire someone local like Bill Bishop or Joe Bialy to start the process of requiring the present Administrators to re-apply for their jobs.

      YOU'RE FREAKIN NUTS!!! A band director and a guy who needs to be told what day of the week it is are not the answer but rather historically part of the problem. I have no idea why but The BB crowd sure is loyal!

  9. Save our Schools --SOSSeptember 30, 2014 at 7:13 AM

    The BobbleHeads should all resign and in their places they should appoint people like Jack Jovan, Scott Lazo, Dave Yaccavacce, or any other person experienced with education to serve until the June election.

  10. "Slow Down and Think About It" wants to give Gardner a chance. They did. They hired an experienced person without any type of search. They also allowed Buzz to hire inexperienced and incapable administrators throughout the district. Buzz ignored the capable search committee this past spring and hired Mrs. Earls, with the blessing of these two school committee "leaders."

    The school committee has made one bad decision after another. Thank God there are courts to pay the adults porked by these fools. But the student shave no such recourse.

  11. School choice our administratorsSeptember 30, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    You might want to start with Terry Walles and Rebecca Sweetman. As "Academic Dean" whatever that means, she was responsible for the paperwork concerning all of the MCAS, the training, and oversight and he was responsible for signing off. More of your hard earned tax dollars at "work".

    1. Buzz's Reward SystemSeptember 30, 2014 at 1:20 PM

      I agree. Sweet man should go first. She's about as qualified as a ham sandwich. So why was she anointed to a sweetheart position?
      Was it because she was one of district's key witnesses in the Dargie debacle? We all know Ms. Dargie went back to worked yesterday after a year and a half a sense.

      This theory of rewarding those that did Buzz's dirty work holds true for Mr. Coggins being promoted to assistant principal (another "key" witness in the Dargie debacle.

      And then there's Gardner. She spent a whole year+ doing Buzz"s hatchet work. She was anointed as well

      Not one single search committee, except the one to replace Mrs. Allen. And the three names sent to Buzz for consideration did NOT include Mrs. Earls.

      What frauds these "leaders" are.


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