Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Do You Get Your News?

Ken O’Brien

Local news, that is.

Southbridge used to have a daily paper.

Now it is a weekly.

Southbridge used to have a radio station.

Now it is a religious outlet.

So the question is, “Where do you get your local news now?”

Are you satisfied with it?

If not, what do you suggest as an alternative?

Let us know.


  1. There is a now massive void in our local news supply. This BLOG remains the best source of local pending issues. Where the details can get sorted out from the spin and you can make your own conclusions. So thank you!
    MassLive covers the larger events and criminal events very well and usually a day or two even before the T&G does, The new town website is unproven and unknown.
    Given the cricket response to this entry I guess most people are experiencing a local news void and simply unsure of how to answer other then who you know in social media and social circles- Coffee shops and bars.
    How can this be rectified?

  2. Ken,

    It is sad that we do not have any newspaper or radio station for our community for us to get the news. Where do I find what is happening, usually Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Those sites will give me info as to what is happening, however, the sad part is that there is no follow-up or questioning of what is going on.

    We need a newspaper or organization to delve into the topics that affect our community. I never agreed with some of the articles that were written during my tenure as both a police chief as well as a member of the school committee, but at least the issues were brought forth in the community. We need an outlet to bring forward these issues!

    Where now do we get answers to some important questions and issues:
    1. What is the status of the Town Manager Search, do we have candidates, what is the timeline, what are we looking for, are we going to have citzens input into what we are looking for in a new town manager, what is the vision of the council and the new manager candidates.
    2. What is the status of the Supt of Schools? She was given a one year contract, is she the permanent Supt of Schools, is there going to be a search and if not why not? It is now mid September and if she is only here 8 months what is next.
    3. A news organization that will follow-up and delve into the issues in the school system. how about an article as to why school choice numbers have now trended up??
    4. News about how we have lost several police officers to area communities and how this has affected the community.
    ---I am sure I could fill this with a lot of issues.

    Sorry for the long answer to a simple question!!!

  3. With the Southbridge Evening news:
    If you like your obituary listings you can keep your obituary listings - of course they will be printed a week after your friends and acquaintances have already been buried.
    How sad is that?

    1. Rest In Peace Rudy DiGregorio

  4. A viable investigative press is an integral part of any functioning democratic endeavor. It is especially true on the local level because the local politicians and their decisions affect our daily lives more than any other level of government. They make the rules, spend the money, and are charged with the education of our youth. Without a viable press (written or multi-media) politicians are not accountable for their actions. Even with SEN published on a daily basis they managed to cause a lot of damage to the community. Now, they have a whole week to hide their actions and with TC meetings and SC meetings only every two weeks they have the luxury of a 14 day news cycle.

    Gone are the days when almost everyone worked in and around their local communities, did their shopping at local businesses, and got a hair cut at a local barber shop every two weeks. Gone are the times when you could, and would, bump into your local politicians in the course of your everyday life. Gone are the days when you could give a local politician a piece of your mind without being humiliated and looked down upon.

    What is the solution? Well, I don't know if there really is one. Except that we have to struggle to find one that will hold our elected officials accountable. Yes we have elections, but the voter turnout for local elections is so low and politics is so contentious in Southbridge that the majority of the candidates who win are more interested in their personal power and agendas than that of the public good.

    It said that the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is only as tasty as the ingredients. So, here are some of the ingredients that have soured the public's taste buds over the last few years:

    1. Superintendent Ely
    2. Superintendent Nimberkov
    3. On going debate on the Landfill
    4. TC assaulting a police officer
    5. Politics of Personal Character Assassination
    6. Bulling from both the TC and SC Diaz.

    These are just a few of the scandals that have plagued our community and were reported in the press. Now with no viable news outlet, the only time the surrounding press will come to town to report anything will be when the next (metaphorical) tornado touches down and by that time it will be to late.

  5. TC assaulting a Police Officer?

  6. When a person on the TC bites a policeman, it is called assault.

  7. When a judge dismisses those same charges there is usually a very good reason.
    like the CSN verse - "Nobodies right if every bodies wrong".

  8. Everyone makes mistakes and they can so easily get compounded by others..

    Buffalo Springfield verse: For what it's worth

  9. I get my local news right here. Am I satisfied with it? Not really. I wish Ken had some money to hire reporters to dig deeper into the issues raised on the blog.

    I used to read the SEN when Walter Bird was in charge. I didn't always agree with the editorial positions he took but at least he published news. I haven't read the SEN in years. It went down hill when it started using the editorial page to print stories about haircuts and shopping trips.

    For a town with a $50M budget and more than its fair share of drama, there should be a better way of keeping people informed but I can't think of one. People don't read newspapers anymore. Social media lacks analysis. Podcasts are great if you have an iPhone (I don't). Anyone who wants to reach a wide audience has to use all these media and also has to find a way to squeeze money out of their folowers to pay for the analysis that's so lacking in most of these forms of communication.

    1. Birded Killed The NewsSeptember 19, 2014 at 7:49 AM

      With all due respect Mr. Logan . . . It was under Walter Bird's tenure when the SEN hit rock bottom. They lost all credibility with Bird's biased reporting. He was a puppet for the town manager; which resulted in a town job when the SEN dumped him. A job that should have gone to a local candidate, especially when the number of unemployed in Southbridge was staggering.

      You couple Bird's bias and couple it with Gus Steeve's jaded reporting and the reader could only look elsewhere for real accounts of news.

      Has anyone asked what Adam Minor's credentials are? Well, he's about as qualified to be a newspaper editor as Whitewater is at running our water supply.

      Thank God that Brian Lee still covers Southbridge for the Telegram.

  10. I pick up my weekly Freebie every Friday by simply walking my mailbox.

  11. I much as this blog moderator is a blow hard and quitter, I thank him for making the MCAS scores released today so easily available.

    Lord knows by the time the NEWS publishes them the the students who took them last spring as sophomores will be graduated!

  12. Irrelevant communicationsSeptember 26, 2014 at 11:55 PM

    Reverse 911
    what is it good for ?
    Say it again
    Reverse 911
    what is it good for ?

    This message was brought to you on behalf of the citizens without face book, the citizens without kids in the schools, and citizens who expects far better from our chiefs. Kudos to the school dept for alerting our school population of a present danger because a mom told me why all the State Cops are in town. I thought the days of treating some people like 2nd class citizens were over?


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