Thursday, October 16, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - October 14, 2014


  1. More Horse &%$#October 16, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    That meeting and presentation was a joke. They cherry picked the very few areas that showed minimal improvement.
    Take a look at Southbridge scores next to our neighboring towns, we should be embarrassed.
    This school committee and district leaders are such phonies!

  2. When you look at the "improvements" that were being talked about, consider the base. Last year's results were a decline from the prior year. For the most part we're just getting back to where we were.

  3. Another Crisis averted by hunkering down and the lack of press. (And the photo of the audience is full of administrators, not the public.)

  4. The whole of the committee completely ignored the crap put out at the previous meeting. Like so many other things the approach is if we ignore it it never happened.

  5. It's Ms Allen's Fault! lolOctober 17, 2014 at 5:08 PM

    I think they should blame Amy Allen for all those bad scores. What the heck, they blamed her for everything else!
    Buzz. Gardner, and the SC took no blame for not knowing if MCAS retests were administered or not, they blamed Allen
    Finally, they have identified the sole person responsible for the massive decline of our district! Who knew?
    Seriously, the assault on Mrs. Allen-Magnon is as offensive as Tuesday night's comedy show. And while I fully expected the bobbleheads to do their bobbling, I was disappointed in Olivio and Page.

  6. Wow - they must be spending mucho denaro on the Kool-Aid!! Clapping hands, ----- ponies @ the podium...but whoever was in charge of the 'student' presentation did not rehearse these kids enough as it was obvious they were coached but their delivery was sloppy. No public input..which also translates to 'everything is going just fine'...

    by the way..the PSATs were administered this week....but these students did not have any prep workshops and if you recall the 'assembly' was only last week...they were lucky that kids were registered in time...

  7. Was Lauren in drama club when she went to school? Her performance toward the end of the meeting, talking about the hugs she got for how well the school year started. PLEASE!!!
    What other shameless things can she create in her pea brain???

    1. Must have been Gardner, and the four new pprincipals, giving her those hugs. They're the inexperienced crew that wouldn't know a good opening from a corned beef sandwich.
      Two meetings ago Gardner needed 3 more teachers for the high school. Settled for one phys ed teacher. So what happened to those social studies classes with over 40 students? Guess that crack new principal and the guidance wizard figured out how to level classes out. Glad we didn't waste $120,000 for two teachers we never needed.

      Hugs all around! Extra hugs for Laughable Lauren.


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