Wednesday, November 19, 2014

(Almost) A Year Of Healing

Ken O’Brien

There is a time when I have to admit I was mistaken.

I was mistaken about Shaun Moriarty.

After initially encouraging his run for town council, I failed to endorse his candidacy.

After his election, I criticized his seeming lack of knowledge of government and politics. 

However, he has demonstrated an unstinting devotion to his job as well as to mastering his newly found role as Chairman of the Town Council. In the process he has maintained a creditable record of keeping the public informed on a variety of issues..

As such he is a breath of fresh air compared to the tumultuous, confrontational, negative and bombastic tenure of one of his predecessors in that position. (I'm not referring to Dave Langevin here.)

While there are actions on his part or of the town council with which I may disagree, I must credit Councilor Moriarty with re-establishing an overall spirit of cooperation and collegiality that had been for too long missing.

I wish him all the best in his future tenure in this office and hope that his past is merely prologue.


  1. He certainly has a politically, pleasing, personality. Some may even consider him to be a *Chick Magnet*. It must be that dimple!

  2. So then what will he do about our politically appointed Bored of Health who is searching for a problem to provide a solution to.
    Clear bags ??? Queen Kathy even agreed to ditch that idea. IT is NOT in the Bylaw by purpose and intent.
    Now the politically ideologues want to take executive action over the power and real intent of the Council regarding trash procedures and fines.
    In one sentence the Health director says we heard the public loud and clear and will not restrict the amount of trash collection and the next one is requiring the public to sign an agreement that they won't put put out any other trash barrel but the one that automates casella's business and saves them money.
    The old argument of whether we should have an elected or appointed BOH has been resuscitated once again!
    If the appointed health watch dogs of the community support coal ash and the positions of the politician that is no longer here but appointed them well then its time to go elected BOH. The BOH Chairman's arrogance and self importance needs to be deposited in the landfill with the rest of the smelling trash and new BOH members need to be elected representatives of the people,

    1. If you allow an elected board of health, as we know from that nurse, health nuts will try to ban the cloramine that saves us from law suits, they will be trying to stop tobacco and rolling paper sales, and they'll cause a massive tax increase by making Casella follow all the wacko EPA laws.


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