Thursday, November 20, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Meeting - November 17, 2014


  1. Council v. Pulaski: "We ain't gotta spend no money" states Counselor Carrasco

    Why was this item not on the original agenda?

    Payola city for who???

  2. What does Gus Steeves add to this town council?

    1. Gus Steeves has only been on the Council for four and a half months. The same is true if Mr. Estrada.

      Two points.

      One. It is too early to judge if a Councilor is good or bad in so short a time. I will tell you one very good thing about Steeves. He does his home work, and takes his position seriously. He is serving to make this a better town for all of us. I am not too sure about Councilor Vecchia. Maybe he is getting too old to grasp all the data points. He appears to be afraid to get the highest Dollar for Southbridge.

      Two. I like Councilor Estrada but I seldom understand him. As if a minor crime occurs and you are being prosecuted and can not speak English, the State pays for translations. You'd think the same courtesy would be extended to the electorate? It could go both ways. Spanish to English for us Blancos. English to Spanish for Spanish speaking citizens. It will increase citizen participation IF that is what they want.

      Thanx Kenneth O'Brien for providing this usually excellent local public service. You ought to set up a PayPal account for modest contributions to cover occasional expenses.


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