Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - December 23, 2014


  1. What are the members of this school committee hiding?
    Abrahamson bullying the TV station manager for showing the school committee meeting too much. Seriously, if they were doing anything well he'd be the first to be insisting that the meetings be aired 24/7.
    And Quinney? What we say about Quinney? She wants everyone to work together. She doesn't like the divisiveness of some people or factions in town. THEY created the anger and animosity with their arrogance and incompetence. Now she wants to all hold hands and sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth."
    The school committee is being exposed for their inability to run our school district and they are embarrassed, as they should be. It's a whole lot easier to go to the podium and tell sitting school committees how to run the district than it is to actually run it!

  2. At the last school committee meeting on December 9, town counselor Estaban Carrasco asked about the superintendent giving 5.5 days off with pay to upwards of 40 school department administrators and secretaries. Then superintendent P. Gardner stated that these are salaried employees and that they work really, really hard, including many, many evening events.
    So why then was the Director of Special Education not at this week's meeting to offer important input to the many special education issues that were on the agenda. We had to listen to Quinney tell the interim superintendent about the special education laws. Seriously, how much money do we need to spend on SPED? And if more is needed why doesn't the "really, really hard working" SPED director make the pitch?

  3. Sixth Superintendent in Two and a Half Years!!!December 25, 2014 at 10:31 AM

    Well our esteemed school committee went into another executive session at Tuesday's meeting. Will we ever know why? Probably not.
    Did they give Pat Gardner the Golden Embrella to leave, as has been rumored? If so, how much more money are the McLoughlin/Donovan gang going to piss away? Who will become the sixth superintendent of our district in the two and a half years since McLoughlin and Donovan were elected? Are any of the other candidates reviewed when they hired Gardner still available? Oh, that's right, the girls didn't even bother to look at any other potentially successful candidates.
    Or, are they going to allow her to remain and create more havoc throughout the district?
    Either way the students, staff and taxpayers lose again.

  4. All the faculty and staff just want to know who's in charge???

    1. Who's Tge Boss ?December 28, 2014 at 4:00 PM

      Would you want to put your name as the captain of the Titanic?
      Gerry from Main St. Is as good a pick as anyone!


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