Monday, December 15, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - December 15, 2014

Southbridge Town Council Meeting

December 15, 2014

MacKinnon Council Chamber

7:00 PM



  1. Days Off For All ! Except the Taxpayers!December 15, 2014 at 7:51 PM

    Ouch, the TM wants to be Santa too. Days off for everyone. Can I deduct a few days less taxes come February? What's a few grand when we throw so much more away.
    Where can I apply for a fee tax-free days?
    Pacoas and Gardner don't pay taxes here. What do they give &%$## ?

  2. Looking for A Serious Budget PresentationDecember 16, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    It's quite interesting that Mr. Vecchia has asked for a line-item budget for from the school department. The Town Manager stated he would see that Vecchia gets one.

    Two weeks ago I saw a resident ask the school committee at their meeting on TV for the same thing. I went on the district website and found that they have published (today) a very weak presentation of their budget; but it's by no means a line-item budget. I bet the published document is what they gave that resident and it is clearly not what he asked for. Is the budget keeper unaware of what a line-item budget is? Or has he been instructed to keep pumping out the worthless version on their website? Either way, it's wrong.

    What's going on? Is the school department taking us down the path to another financial shortfall. We can't take anymore taxes. If they are running out of money then should cut staff right now. Yes this will lead to more unemployment costs, but only for 26 weeks now. They had best cut right away, not in June when they may have over spent and we still get the unemployment costs.

    This crew spent roughly a half million dollars last year on unemployment. Millions on other non-instructional legal gaffs, etc. They need to be held accountable!

    The town council needs to step up and protect us from this potential crisis. Ten years ago rumors of school department misspending started to circulate in January, by March the school committee chair and vice chair resigned, and the taxpayers ate a 3.6 million dollar shortfall. 60 teachers terminated in June and massive unemployment costs above and beyond the 3.6 million dollar shortage.

    Does Southbridge have that kind of money lying around? I'd like some tax relief if we do.

    1. Yes..I remember that debaucle 10 years ago very well - and it is my understanding that the State gave a stern warning to the SC - and I assume the Town - that this must NEVER happen again or the SC members as well as the Town Manager/Town Council would be held accountable.

      I strongly believe that Mr Osborne does not have a clue what a 'line item' detailed budget is - he is the 'Interim Director of Finance' (hello! pretty long interim!!) - and, as with most other positions - I do not believe we have had a 'search' for a qualified Finance Director.

      Also, if you go on the School website - under Central Office - Mr Osborne is not only the 'Interim Finance Director' - but he is listed as the 'Supervisor of Instruction' ???? What the hell is that???? and also the 'Director of Technology' - these certainly seem to me to be pretty demanding 'job duties'.

      Mr Osborne's reports at the SC meetings are vague and superficial - no substance, no mention of incumberances, status of pending bills etc.. He does not appear to me like he has a Finance/Accounting backround - and we have - in her own words - Ms Gardner's admission that she is not a budget person - DUH - that is one of the biggest parts of that position!! And so, too, the SC - comments by some members are so stupid - yes, stupid - that it makes me ill; What do they learn in SC member school - those 'manadatory' meetings/conferances that they attend?!?!?!?

      Send in the auditors...or at least someone who can balance a checkbook!!! At some point it will catch up to them that positions were created w/o being budgeted/voted on and the $$$ will run out (as it probably already has). I think I would be a little nervous about getting a paycheck going forward - I do not think the State will be as forgiving this time around.

    2. Ho Ho Ho...sorry Boys & Girls - Santa got an email from Southbridge telling him he could take Christmas off - will be thinking of you as I sip a special brew made by the elves. See you in January!!!


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