Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Was That About?

Ken O’Brien

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Southbridge School Committee may have broken new ground in the neighborhood of the bizarre.

There was, of course, no mention of the Flick report regarding charges leveled against the Superintendent of Schools.

There was the question of the Central Office staff being given five additional days of vacation (more about that later).

But far and away the rant by committee member Brent Abrahamson during member forum was a piece unto itself.

Please feel free to submit your suggestions as to what you think he was talking about.

I know one thing - at least it wasn't about the blog this time.


  1. 5.5 Paid Vacation DaysDecember 11, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    It's obvious that the wheels are coming off the school committee wagon. So this fool has decided to go for an insanity defense when they are all held legally responsible for the fiscal disaster they have caused.

    O'Brien mentioned the 5 days off with pay (it's actually 5.5 days). What's the big deal? Well go on the district website and see how many people this REALLY is. A rough count of 40, many earning $2,000.00 a week, or more. Bottom line - $100,000.00
    This in a school district that has budgeted $10,000.00 for the entire textbook needs of our K-12 student body ($5.00 per student or 1 textbook for every 20 students). Wonder why your child doesn't have a textbook for all their classes?

  2. I am outraged that I am not treated with the respect that my intellectual superiority so richly deserves. Just because I do not choose to hang out with the beer drinking crowd, just because the chairwoman doesn’t regularly consult me before making her autocratic decisions, or just because all my friends are in other parts of the country and they forgot to give me their new email addresses, it doesn’t mean that my opinions are not burnished gold. Clearly the enlightened majority recognized my obvious gifts and that’s why they elected me to this high office. So to those of you who are unable to grasp the point I was making I say a leprous pox on your #@&?$@#.

  3. What is becoming clearer and clearer to me is that there are vicious malcontents revenging the poison distributed by the previous superintendent. These "victims" turned renegade revengers are now part of the problem rather then the solution. In what should of been the glorious rise of our flagship education building, instead and unfortunately, it has been molded into the bitter dysfunction misfit of our least glorious educational building. It remains an out-liar (spelling intended) on the edge of town, and an outcast distant and hostile from the rest of the educational system. They are proving the old adage that two wrongs don't make a right.

    To anyone involved in the management, staff and administration of this building get over yourselves and put the children first. There is plenty of blame to go around at each and every level but at this point pointing the finger does no good. The majority of the offenders are gone and the majority of the true victims unfortunately are also gone. What's left is the grumbling bystanders. If you see yourself here don't wait for the next investigative report to come out. Do us all a favor and start the new year out with a new years resolution to work productively on the solutions or to take your sorry butts to a new non poisonous environment where you can reflect on your attitudes, deeds and hopefully grow as a person. This drama is costly,infectious and divisive. You will either be part of the solution or remain part of the problem that can no longer be ignored.

    Parts of the problems will hopefully be corrected at the next election but everyone else can take some ownership of their part now with the vocal minority starting to do the right things and the silent majority who can continue to do the right things in spite of vocal minority. Together problems can turn into proposed solutions bettering everyone. Left Divided, finger pointing, worsening problems and woe is me attitudes by SC members will only keep ratings up for School committee meetings and solve nothing. It will only provide vernacular exercise for the political among us to preach intolerant self serving political messages against those who disagree with them. We will only see more of those seeking accountability falsely charged with being political as exactly what occurred in the last meeting. Those types of messages by the guilty messengers should be said in front of a mirror and the audience in the mirror should be the ones listening the most. Madam Chair if people won't come and talk to you in person I suggest there is a reason and it has to do more with your own actions and politics than of the people avoiding and discounting you.

  4. As I see it has a point. Southbridge had the perfect opportunity to complete a turn-around as the new building was opening, but then we had an election and Ely and the bobble heads decided that settling old scores and jealousies were more important. Then Ely screwed the pooch and got himself relieved and the bobbleheads took us further down the road of discontent.

    Then along comes Buzz. He was supposed to be the savior, well we all know where that took us. But the Bobbleheads were not content with the damage that the had already done, they decided to continue to drive the community deeper into the depths of despair by appointing his handpick successor.

    One can only imagine what kind of damage they will do before the next election.

    On another note, this SC and administration makes it almost impossible to make a positive improvement in the lives of our students. There is only one bright and shining hope that seems to be on the horizon and that is Principal Earls. However, it seems as the queen bee Gardner has it in for her as well.

  5. for the SC chairmanship


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