Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will She Still Want It Public?

Ken O’Brien

At the October 28th meeting of the Southbridge School Committee Dr. Raymond Page read a redacted complaint by school personnel against Superintendent Patricia Gardner.

That reading of the complaint followed the vote to enter executive session and a request by the Superintendent that the executive session be conducted in public.

Following the reading of the complaint, the chair announced that an independent investigator would be appointed and mandated to report back to the Committee in 30 days. Attorney John M. Flick of Gardner was appointed to conduct the investigation and was ordered to report back to the School Committee by December 3rd.

Well, tomorrow is December 3rd and the next School Committee meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 9th.

It will be interesting to see if the Superintendent will still want any executive session conducted as a result of the investigator’s report to take place in public.


  1. Well, well, well...perhaps, in her arrogance, assuming that the 'results' would be in her favor - she elected to have it public -BUT - if the report is unfavorable to her - it will go the route of the Ely and Perrault reports - and become a classified personnel matter - not to be revealed - as part of whatever sweetheart deal she receives. I felt she was seemingly very confident in what the report would reveal and the support she has or had on the SC.
    Either way - students lose - again.
    By the way...the 'investigator' was @ the MHS last week conducting 'interviews'.

  2. Well word has it Ms Gardner is in Florida for the next seven days. Now there's commitment for you. 180 days when students are in session and Ms. Gardner takes a week off mid-session. You gotta laugh!

    1. Sounds like Buzz's California Strategy.

    2. Where's the Superintendent ?December 3, 2014 at 8:40 AM

      Seriously, Gardner took this week off to travel to florida? That's just wrong. Yes, everyone is entitled to vacation, but during school days? This reminds me of Martha Coakley heading south just prior to her senate bid (she lost a no-brainer to Scott Brown.)

      So does this mean Gardner is on her way out as the "investigation" comes to a close? More administrative upheaval, more discord, more dysfunction. More law suits, more legal bills, more payouts for lost judgements.

      It is sickening! The past two and a half years have been nothing short of disastrous. We need COMPETENT change come June. Keep the cutesy lawn signs and transparency BS out, and let's have some candidates with real substance, experience and truthfulness.

      McLoughlin and Donovan must go.

    3. Yes - everyone deserves vacation - but my understanding is that administrators must use their 'vacation' time for days during the Xmas break - other than Christmas/New Year's; during Winter Break/Spring break - and during the summer -during their contract year -
      Perhaps there were 'special circumstances'; perhaps this was a 'mental health' escape from the stresses of her job;
      But this may have all changed since we now have an Asst Super - so we're covered....

  3. The Rats Are Running!December 2, 2014 at 6:23 PM

    Word has it . . . McLoughlin is seeking to send her children to school choice districts next year. Wow! &%$$@ things up, then run out the back door! Remember Taratino, Laliberti and Prencipe!
    Donovan,McLoughlin and the rest are LEGALLY responsible for the impending $$$ shortfall.
    You hearing me Moriarty?

  4. McLoughlin's Kids Heading ElsewhereDecember 2, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    WOW ! Way to go Southbridge ! We're about to head for our 5th superintendent, 6th or seventh principal at the new school, and on and on . . .
    Now McLoughlin is planning to run HER children to another district.

    DO you miss Jovan and company yet? Southbridge - the home home of dopes!

    How much is Bishop laughing ???????

    1. I am somewhat skeptical of the rumor that McLoughlin is planning to send her children out of district.

    2. Can't believe she'd be that stupid - I too am skeptical, remember - she thinks she's doing a good job! Maybe it's a ruse to find out who the moles are...
      However, as a concerned parent - she should be worried about the education her girls are receiving - and realize that all the good that had been done in the 3-4 years prior to her election - was undone in just 2 short years
      but, if it is true - I can see the headlines (justification) - "boo hoo hoo...my children have been subjected to bullying...boo hoo hoo...they are having a hard time because people are trying to get back at me....sniffle, sniffle....this is all part of a conspiracy...."
      Look for the TV cameras....

  5. Has anybody gotten any indication on the contents of the Flick report?

    1. Seriously? Lauren has that locked away in her cookie jar. We'll see that the day we see the Ely and Perrault reports!
      Gardner - another great anointment by the McLoughlin gang.
      My money is on her termination/ resignation per Tuesday night's meeting.
      But be assured, either way, the taxpayers will be spending another six figures.
      Way to go girls!


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