Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Breaking News: Gardner Resigns

Sources tell the O'Zone that Southbridge Superintendent of Schools Patricia Gardner resigned her position on Monday.

Sheryl Stanton, the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning, has been named to fill the post for the time being.

In a joint statement, the committee and Ms. Gardner cited "philosophical differences on how the School District should move forward" as the reason for ending their working relationship.

"The School Committee thanks Ms. Gardner for her service to the School District and wishes her well in her future endeavors," the statement said.

"Ms. Gardner thanks the Southbridge School Committee for the opportunity to serve the school district and wishes the school district well for the future," it continued.


  1. Personnel issue, we will never know how much it cost.

    What is the plan School Committee?

    Need to name a search committee, but who will they get to serve?

    1. What's in our future?January 7, 2015 at 11:17 PM

      Who the hell in their right mind would want to come here to work as Superintendent? Seriously Ely, Wiggin, Buzz, now Gardner and that is just in what two year. Word of advice for anyone who would put their name in for Superintendent, buy yourself a bullet proof vest. Because if your employees don't get you because they don't want to held accountable, maybe the School Committee will because you are not serving their every whim, this town will just chew you up and spit you out SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR REPUTATION STAY AWAY.

  2. Since some of the School Committee insists on the micromanagment of your schools anyway, and the problems are always blamed on the Superintendents, Principals or the school committee, why replace the Superintendent at all?

    Keep it simple. Save the money and apply what would have paid a Superintendent toward off campus tutoring scholarships. Guaranteed to fix your problem at the High School.

  3. Donovan and McLoughlin Must Go - NOWJanuary 8, 2015 at 7:47 AM

    How unbelievable is this? The same girls that stood outside the town hall with "Do The Right Thing" signs when a local candidate was in the hunt for the superintendency have brought us 5, that's right 5, superintendents in two years. Now there's stability!
    Donovan and McLoughlin are the most incompetent school committee members since Tarantinio, Laliberte and Prencipe. Their incompetence is amplified by Abrahamson and Quinney. These four are a disgrace!
    The district is crashing into oblivion and Abrahamson attacks the cable TV guy, Quinney wants us all to sit around the fireplace and hold hands, Donovan wants the "village" to get behind them (although she won't tell us anything, and cries when things heat up), and McLoughlin - what can we say about this one? Her ego is bigger than her belly. Her deceit ranks up there with Ely's perversion.
    Now comes word that the interim business manager is looking to move to the Pittsfield Public Schools.
    Shortly we are going to be told of the financial hole that the district is in. NO ONE will be held accountable. It was Gardner, it was Osborn, it was Buz, it was Mary Poppins. In fact, it is McLoughlin and Donovan who have created this vacuum of stability and accountability.
    The average superintendent of schools in MA stays on a job 4.5 years. Southbridge is closer to 4.5 months.

  4. Donovan and McLoughlin Must Go - NOWJanuary 8, 2015 at 7:57 AM

    What do you think the financial package is that this stellar school committee gave to their latest failed anointment? No job posting, no applicant pool established, no search committee, no interviews, no following of their own "policy."
    "Gardner cited "philosophical differences on how the School District should move forward" as the reason for ending their working relationship." Do you think that perhaps a well vetted candidate would have had these "philosophical differences" discovered before we turned over the reigns of our district to her, then pay her $$$$$ hush/go away money?
    Bad school committee = Bad schools.

  5. Instead of electing new committee members in June, I think Southbridge residents should petition the State for a takeover. I am so repulsed by the continuation of this circus. Every teacher, administrator and secretary fired...start from scratch. C'mon, how long does this nonsense have to continue. This Town will never move forward until the Schools improve.

  6. Suppose the bobbleheads will be gunning for the people who threw Gardner under the bus. These girls are very spiteful and will surely turn the ire towards those that they hold responsible for P. Gardner's ouster. Those that ratted her out had best watch their backs, there will be retribution, there always is.

  7. To "fed up" @ do you think the state is going to instantly hire hundreds of administration, teachers, secretaries, and what- custodians too?,, you obviously have not seen what is out there to hire. It is not that easy. Southbridge has been hard pressed to fill a few open spots each year with qualified/good people. How do you think the state could fill an entire system all at once?

  8. Pythagoras when the State takes over a school district they technically fire everyone yes, but principals, teachers, secretaries and custodians are given the option of accepting a State contract and given their jobs back. As far as the administration its self I am not sure. The superintendent is removed, the State appoints one of their own to oversee the district and the School Committee becomes lame ducks. I was kid when the State took over the Chelsea School District and we never knew anything happened, all of our teachers were still standing in our classrooms and our principals were still running the building.

  9. Save our Schools --SOSJanuary 9, 2015 at 6:16 PM

    If the state were to take over the district, they would have done it a while ago. They won't take over the district because they don't have the answers either.

  10. Certification Check???January 10, 2015 at 7:22 PM

    Did anyone loom at Stanton's certification? Kinda like Tammy Perreault's certification. Certainly need to discuss Gardner's certificate.
    All are public record and have been sought via the Freedom of Information Act. You can't hide everything!


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