Sunday, February 22, 2015

Joint Meeting of the Southbridge Town Council and School Committee - February 17, 2015

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  1. I am glad that they are not using the term "level funded" which means that denotes that both the school side and the town side get all the increases that they have anticipated in order to keep all services (and staffing) at current levels. However, before we cut the budget, some questions have to be asked and answered.

    1. Do we need a full-time town hall?
    2. Do we need the number of employees at town hall? How many town employees are duplicates? Does the Town Clerk need two full-time employees? Can they offer the same service with part time employees?
    3. Do we need so many administrators in the school department? It seems as though they built a Byzantine Labyrinth of administration where the improvement of the schools is frustrated by having excessive number of chiefs and not enough indians to do the heavy lifting.

    With this being said, we have to remember that the history of this town is that budget cuts are balanced unfairly on the education side of the house. When is the last time a town side employee was laid-off? When have hours been reduced for town employees?

    I agree with Apple that a line must be drawn, but it must be a shared sacrifice. Let some of the burden of job losses be felt on those who are feeding from the public troff in the town departments. If the school side has to decrease its employees by 5% then so should the town side. (and using the excuse of attrition does not cut it. There has to be actual blood loss .)


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