Thursday, February 5, 2015

Well, That’s Settled

Ken O’Brien

Amid all the non-answers and new ways of repeating what we’ve been told for at least ten years, Tuesday’s meeting of the Southbridge School Committee confirmed another suspicion.

The suspicion was that, for the third time in a row, Southbridge has committed itself to a Superintendent without any plan to engage in a search for a suitably qualified candidate to fill that role.

Further illustrating his unmatched gift for the pithy everyman summation Committee member Abrahamson compared the current state of affairs to having no need to continue searching once one had found their car keys. His remarks were made with the imprimatur of the state officials present and the blessing of the Committee Chairman.

Thus, with these endorsements providing a ringing backdrop, Southbridge once again plunges these well-tested keys into the ignition for yet another drive into an assured rosy tomorrow.


  1. They couldn't be that arrogant, or stupid, could they?

  2. The whole reason for making the Director of Curriculum the Ass't Superintendent is so that if the current Superintendent whomever that will be for the day oops I mean the next three years, falls ill, leaves or gets shafted by the School Committee then the next sucker is sitting in the wings to give it a whirl. Then they will hire their replacement for both positions as Director of Curriculum/Ass't Superintendent and Superintendent and so on and so on...

  3. Hi Ken. This is off topic and shouldn't be displayed on this page but I'm in Saudi Arabia right now and came across this piece in a local newspaper:

    I think it would be interesting if you linked to this article to give people a chance to see what muslims, christians and jews all have in common.

  4. Good for the Goose...February 9, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    In recent months, what excuse did the Town Council Vice Chairman give as the for the suspension a proper Town Manager search ? He stated that the reason was that nobody wanted to be the Town Manager here because if the condition if our schools?

    For whatever reason, this claim has gone unchallenged, but when the Council plays games to advance then I agenda, and they get away with it without the so ghtest resistance, why would the School Committee do things any differently?

    If the Community is going to question our leaders on the questionable methods of our selection of senior management, let us be consistent at least.

    And if it IS true that we can not get even get a Town Manager to come here due to our schools, why would a Superintendent bother applying here? Frankly, I think if either of our elected boards were worth their salt we wouldn't have enough salt to melt the ice on the stairs of Town Hall.

    1. Why would anyone apply to be Superintendent when all the SC does is pick them off like flies? No one in their right mind would apply for either, this town is beyond help.


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