Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Charges Against Dr. O’Leary, Dismissed, To Be Re-filed

Ken O’Brien

Earlier this week charges against Dr. Thomas O’Leary in connection with slapping a 6-year old  patient in October of 2013 were dismissed in East Brookfield District Court.

However, according to Timothy Connolly, a spokesman for Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early, Judge Maura McCarthy did so without prejudice.

The charges stemmed from an October 2013 office visit to Harrington Physician Services, where O'Leary worked at the time. According to the Telegram & Gazette, O'Leary was with the boy, being treated for ADHD, and his father, when the boy removed his shirt to throw it at the father. 

O'Leary reportedly stood between the two to intervene. He told police that as he grabbed the shirt, the boy kicked him in the groin, causing him to lean forward. It was at that time that his hand was said to have come into contact with the boy's face.

The father reported the boy cried and had a red mark after the incident. After an internal investigation, Harrington terminated O'Leary.

Connolly on Wednesday, however, said the DA's office would seek to re-file a charge of assault and battery against O'Leary. 

"One of the issues with the case, when it came forward was, the DA's office had summonsed in Southbridge police to testify on some photos that were taken. But they had been taken by the hospital. The hospital personnel who took the photos had not been summoned," Connolly said.

"So that's why the judge dismissed the case without prejudice," he said. "We will bring in witnesses and go forward with the case."

"We anticipate re-filing that charge later this week or early next week," Connolly said.


  1. My boys saw Dr. O'Leary and loved him! Since he's been gone there has been a revolving door of subpar replacements who have no relationship with parents and patients because they aren't there long enough.

    I should add, one of my son's has ADHD and he would never never ever kick a doctor in the groin! That's not ADHD, it's called being an entitled brat who lacks discipline and respect.

  2. Narwals, just don't let them kick your balls...March 25, 2015 at 5:58 PM

    Just because your son has ADHD, and you THINK he wouldn't kick him in the nuts, doesn't mean a) he wouldn't and b) the other child is an entitled brat. I'm thinking you're full of crap, since no parent of a child with ADHD would call another child with ADHD that.

    O'Leary's a bully, and his actions aren't justified. He got what was long overdue.

  3. Hmm, nope. I'm positive my son has never acted like that towards a doctor, a teacher, a classmate, me...and the list goes on. Sure, he is inattentive and hyperactive but he's not disrespectful or violent.

  4. Personally, I do not like Tom O'Leary very much at all. In my opinion his voting for the landfill expansion was an outrageous decision, especially for a Doctor.

    That said, I have heard nothing but good things about him as far as being a Pediatrician. Not from two or three patients or their parents, but from well over a dozen.

    If this event that resulted in charges was connected to the boy mouthing off, I would feel very differently, but Doctor O'Leary was kicked in the testicles. Almost any reaction during the first twenty seconds after being hit there if worthy of extraordinary compassion and consideration.

    If someone was to get the ax at Harrington it should be whomever allowed confidential information about a local public official to be released to the media and the SPD during a psychological crisis.

    The boy was not seriously hurt, but many of Doctor O'Leary's patients have been because they have lost a Physician that they loved- a Doctor that knew their Medical history, a Doctor that made them comfort and peace of mind.

    Both Harrington Hospital and the DA are putting PR over the best interest of Doctor O'Leary's patients. At first I was pleased to learn he was in trouble, and shame on me.

    How many local Doctors do serious harm to their patients, especially children, by doping them up so they behave in school? THAT does significantly more harm than whatever happened to that boy during those unfortunate few seconds. If the public knew how many of our local students were doped up to make teaching easier, they'd understand the MCAS scores.

  5. My child was a patient of Doctor O'Leary. Does anyone know if he is practicing in the state again. I am willing to travel to see him.


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