Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Charter Review Committee

Ken O’Brien

Back in November The O’Zone pointed out that the Town Council Chairman had yet to appoint a Charter Review Committee as required by the Southbridge Home Rule Charter.

Well, tonight the Charter Review Committee will finally meet in the George Parent Community Room at 7 p.m.

I must say that I was somewhat surprised to see a note about this, given that I don’t recall a public announcement of its membership. Then again, it could have happened while I was indisposed due to a recent hospitalization. 

For those who, like myself, were unaware of the appointment of this committee, the members are:
·         Catherine Nickolla, Chairman
·         Madaline Bonadies
·         Yvonne Tortis
·         LeAnn Pate
·         James Sottile


  1. This should be interestingMarch 18, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    My my my.....what a motley crew!! What were the qualifications - or guidelines for selecting participants. Maybe they just asked for volunteers. Definitely some agendas w/this group as well as a couple with a 'my way or the highway' attitude (at least if we go by what has been exhibited in the past). Let's hope they can all put their agendas aside and think about what would be good for ALL the townsfolk - regardless of their personal feelings.

    It's a tough job - requires a strong committment (as you well know) and I do applaud them for that. Just wish there were a couple people w/government savvy and one or two that can present/explain thoughts & ideas to the public w/o talking down to the public - or just plain pissing people off - because then people don't even listen to what you say - they dismiss everything that comes out of your mouth or from your pen.

  2. so sick of the tricksMarch 18, 2015 at 2:26 PM

    Seriously, aren't former Councilors supposed to wait a year before being appointed to a town committee?

    And two others that make a living in town hall? We have a Town employee on the Board of Health, too.

    How long ago was someone fired for challenging the Town Administration? Mr. Julian I believe his name was, and he made a reasonable comment, too.And then there was the Policeman that was al.most fired by the Manager in a Dudkdy meeting in which no minutes were taken.

    Can someone please explain why the Town Hall is any better than the condition of the school system?

    1. 2-2-2:...No councilor or former councilor shall be offered or accept any compensated town appointive office or employment until one year after his or her term shall have ended.

  3. Is there anyone in Southbridge that wants to hear or see this #%@$& on any board or committee? Her arrogance is beyond belief.
    Nilola, do us all a favor - stay gone.


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