Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Racist EZ-Cash

By Mark Fiore

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  1. There is nothing new about predatory government, enforcing laws for the purpose of raising cash. Quotas for speeding tickets, DUIs, even violations like driving while talking on a cell phone are commonplace in small towns all across America. The key is that the issue is not black or white – it's green. Race is a convenient whipping boy, but it's predatory government that's the real enemy.
    Capeheart quotes extensively from the Brown shooting report, and ends up on the right side:
    The DOJ report notes on page 44 that [Brown's friend, Dorian] Johnson “made multiple statements to the media immediately following the incident that spawned the popular narrative that Wilson shot Brown execution-style as he held up his hands in surrender.” In one of those interviews, Johnson told MSNBC that Brown was shot in the back by Wilson. It was then that Johnson said Brown stopped, turned around with his hands up and said, “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” And, like that, “hands up, don’t shoot” became the mantra of a movement. But it was wrong, built on a lie.
    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/03/capeheart_regrets_supporting_hands_up_dont_shoot_narrative.html#ixzz3UiClTaHm

    RE: WEBSTER incident of hassling cop - educate yourself ! The paint on the parking lot was A: old, and not an actual handicap spot. B: Its the metal sign that makes a handicap spot illegal to park in not paint on the ground. If you ever get a ticket for ground paint with no metal sign fight it and you'll win.

    Both cases above are seeking to promote a false narrative.


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