Saturday, March 7, 2015

The "Mo' Spin" Zone

Ken O'Brien

This week on Real Time with Bill Maher the host rather succinctly summed up the case regarding the journalistic integrity of one Bill O'Reilly and his employer Fox News.

It appears that the facts of this case are clear-cut. Those continuing to believe that Mr. O'Reilly has any remaining presumption to journalistic integrity are living in a world of all-consuming delusion.

This in turn raises a question regarding a recent post by one of the few remaining local bloggers.

Father Peter Preble recently published a post titled "Brian Williams and the Loss of Integrity".

In it he remarks, "...I have waited a week for some of the dust up to die down regarding the dare I say lies which NBC Newsman Brian Williams spoke. I use the word lies because that is what they were....When any news person sits in the anchor chair or reports on a news story, we the viewer has no choice but to believe what they are reporting as being the truth."

Now I am not going to defend Brian Williams. I will point out that he confessed his transgressions and his network penalized him for them.

It would be nice if Father Preble applied the same outrage to Mr. O'Reilly regarding his prevarications. It would also seem appropriate for him to address the failure of his network to undertake the same kind of action with the same measure of alacrity exercised by NBC.


  1. Personally, I am more concerned, and much more effected, by the lies of our Town Managers, past and present.

    1. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time?


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