Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Abrahamson Melts Down At Council Meeting

Ken O’Brien

Emulating the Wicked Witch when doused with water, School Committee member Brent Abrahamson staged another public meltdown at last night’s Town Council Meeting.

Speaking as an individual, rather than on behalf of the School Committee, Mr. Abrahamson voiced his displeasure with recent comments aired by the Town Manager and Council Members in a recent article in the Worcester Telegram.

His remarks drew a rapid and forceful response from Council members and the Manager regarding the accuracy of his observations and critiques.

Below is the portion of the council meeting featuring Mr. Abrahamson’s comments.


  1. What a Horse's Ass.....

  2. Time to go Brenty! Your mind has left the house, so should you.

  3. Are you folks suggesting that Brent is wrong and that our schools do not need more money?

    1. No More School $$$April 29, 2015 at 1:13 PM

      Our schools absolutely do NOT need more money. They need to manage their budget better. They budgeted 10 thousand dollars for textbooks this school year ($5.00 per student); while they spent approximately 200 thousand dollars for lawyers. 237 thousand dollars this year on a pathetic Ombudsman program that was nothing but a credit recovery program. A continuing exploding central office staff, a teacher sent packing in November, only to be paid his/her full salary throughout the remainder of the school year.

      We don't need to spend more - we need to spend better!

  4. The reason they 'need' more $$$ is because they have grossly mismanaged the $$$ they did receive - T/C and townspeople have almost always supported giving more $$ to the schools - but they need to justify the request - remember - we are not talking a few hundred thousand dollars more - they are looking for 2.7 MILLION dollars more. They have done nothing to change their habits - and 'yes' - the schools do need money because the money they got was mismanaged and spent on additional administrative positions, law suits, paid administrative leaves, etc etc etc - instead of textbooks and programs that help the students, team building of educators as well as students, programs that excite students about school and make them want to stay in Southbridge instead of opting for school choice - which is where a HUGE chunk of the $$$ has been going.

  5. Now, I do not want to be seen as an Abrahamson supporter because I am not. However, he was a teacher and knows the terminology, processes, and politics of schools. This is one reason that non-educators do not want a teacher on a school board. I think he means well, but his pompous bloviating becomes a detraction from the point he is trying to make. Plain and simple, he use many, many, many words where only a few would do.

  6. After watching the video, the best part was when Denise called a point of order. She had the sense to use the proper PROFESSIONAL not EMOTIONAL way to end this Southbridge sandbox fight.


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