Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Moriarty For State Senate: An April Fools’ Joke?

It was a joke!!! HA HA

Ken O’Brien

In a posting on another site Southbridge Town Council Chairman Shaun Moriarty makes a surprising announcement.

According to the post, Mr. Moriarty will not seek reelection to the Southbridge Town Council. Instead, “After much discussion, debate and consideration in recent weeks and months” he has decided to run for State Senate.

Naturally, given the calendar, one has to ask, “Is this an April Fools’ Day joke?” 

If it is not, it certainly should be.

One has to ask the question, “In three years on the Southbridge Town Council can he name one significant accomplishment?”

Certainly he has tied his name to every fund-raising effort in the town. That should give him a head start in raising the money for such an effort. 

However, we certainly have had enough of those who pander to the well-connected and financially able. It really is an indication that politics and political ambition have more to do with currying their favor than actually accomplishing anything.


  1. It took five hours for him to put up a disclaimer and it wasn't that funny.
    Is it possible that this was just a low risk way of testing the water?

  2. Considering what an empty suit our current State Senator is, a boy wonder to some, but another neocon nitwit to others, the field is open to any public servant that has not been indicted on a felony.

    The difference between young Mr. Moriarty and Senator Fattman is Shaun's committment to core democratic values- his willingness to at least listen to concerned citizen's, and his thoughtful nature.

    He does try too hard in his effort to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. His willingness to appoint the former Council Chair to the Charter Review committee was a horrendous choice inconsiderate of those that served on the previous committee is an example of trust extending too far, but that will eventually be evident and I suspect he we realize that virtually any citizen would have been a better choice.

    The sad reality is that this one term Southbridge Town councilor could and would serve us better than Senator Fattman, but if Shaun Moriarty does not run I'd seriously consider Jerry S over Fattman anyday.

  3. Let me say this about Ryan Fattman, because I've learned not to judge until I've had an opportunity to speak and deal with someone first: he is not an empty suit, nor a boy wonder. Rather, he is a decent person, who, when I needed help, went overboard in assisting me. He owed me nothing; he only knew of me from stopping by my house one day and speaking with me.

    The reference to Jerry is a low-blow. I know Jerry, I like Jerry...but what Jerry did was wrong, and I don't care how much everyone thinks he's a harmless person, he made very specific threats, and they were neither funny, nor appropriate. Jerry, to his credit, is smart enough to know what the words he puts together mean.

    I know, since I've received numerous Jerry-grams. If I received one like Ryan did, threatening me and my wife and family, I would have done the same thing, report it. Jerry is going to be very lucky if he gets off with a warning...I hope he does.

    But for the gutless nitwits that can't even say who they are (yet I know, believe me, I know your writing style by now), I have less respect for you than anyone else. To my credit, Rich Logan, Ken and others, we stand behind what we say, and don't hide behind some BS moniker.

    So I, like many, don't care what a clueless and gutless individual has to say. I'd have respect for you if you would have enough courage to say who you are. You are right on one thing:

    There is a nitwit, but it's not Ryan, it's you. Hide behind your rock and fade away.

  4. Junior Assistant Whipped TaxpayerApril 3, 2015 at 1:34 AM

    "As for our Mitt Wit Teabagger Senator, I am glad he has finally done something for someone. As I recall, Mr. Martinek was at one time a key Leader of our Southbridge Republican Party, so it is great that at least someone in our District is happy with our Senator, who is milking the taxpayer an extra $15,000. a year for being the Assistant Minority Whip. He shamed our District by getting national attention on MSNBC, and "Nit Wit" is the nicest tbing I heard about him since elected, at least until Mr. Martinek defended him: As for our highly paid Senator's Teabag team claiming throughout the district that Jerry was a "Democrat Operative" trying to intimidate him out of the campaign, I believe it was shameful! Jimmy Hoffa can threaten a Senator with worse and it was a"figure of speech", but Jerry was thrown in jail for a night- AND it was in the Telegram within minutes of his arraignment-outrageous! There is a reason Ryan Fattman lost in Southbridge we knew he was phoney baloney and we know he used Jerry for his political purposes. Not only would I prefer Sen. Jerry over Senator Fattman, I'd even prefer the man who managed to get his Blog banned in Town Hall as my Senator, but I am astounded that he has a problem and is critical of unsigned posts in a town where even the employee of a Town Hall snow removal contractor gets fired from plowing the streets of Southbridge for signiing his opinion online."

  5. As I've told you to your face before, you're gutless, and have no credibility with me or others, since you're so "brave" with no name and so chicken when speaking with your own name. You have no courage. I used to be a Republican until the local committee, who met at the barber shop and bitched and moaned about how bad Democrats were with no plan, along with the State committee, decided that anyone who isn't a wacko right wing conservative nut job isn't a Republican...but a RINO...RINO meaning I don't agree with attacking people based on race, religion or sexual preference. Yes, you got me on that one, I plead guilty to having a sense of fair play. But you're wrong: I never led the Republican party. Jerry effed up and you damn well know it. There was nothing funny about what he said or did, and the fact that you would vote for him shows your lack of intelligence. You're bullshit link? My name isn't on that lame article, and yes, I gave credit where due.

    Ken, no more coming back until you get people to identify themselves. Mike and John can go and hide behind their unproven statements, but I have no interest in joining their 2nd grade behavior. I wish you the best, but until you force people to say who they are, even if it means less engagement, I'm not dealing with wussies who won't id themselves.

    I have more in life to do than defend the defenseless actions of Jerry, the slanderous claims against me (I had nothing to do with that childish article), nor, was I even the leader of the Southbridge GOP. I thought people had to put the facts out there...I know you're a better fact checker than to allow this crap to slip through.

  6. Junior Assistant Whipped TaxpayerApril 6, 2015 at 8:36 AM

    Mister Martinek, how can you claim you were not a Republican Leader, when you actually sat on the Republican Town Committee ? AND you brag that the Republican Senator came to your house and did you a favor? According to three friends I have that live in Webster, when he was State Rep in Webster he didn't do his actual job to help them with serious issues, but he comes running to you in your home to do you favors? Can you tell us what this favor was?

    You think you know who I am, but I had no idea who you are until I Goggled you. Are you the same Dennis Martinek that has been in three different Telegram stories related to internet related disputes that ended up in Court? No wonder people don't sign their names on Southbridge Blogs! In one case, you actually admitted to using a false name on Twitter to make a local Town Councilor look bad, and yet you want OTHER people to sign their own names or they are wussies? What would you call someone that signed someone else's name, Mr. Martinek?

    You said some awful things about the Republicans on that Committee, and I know some of them a little, and as a woman with Latino blood I can claim without reservation that the three men I know have always been respectful toward me, and showed none of the characteristics that you claim. Mr. Marino, who ran for Council last year, spent a half hour patiently teaching me about town history, and did not resort to name calling, did not act racist, and was a total Gentleman. Mr. Jaynes, who I talked to once before a Bicentennial meeting, was very patient answering my questions, was kind hearted, and did not in any way fit your description. The other Republican a retired lawyer, I did not talk with much, but did not come across as being any of those awful things either.

    What amazes me the most is that I have learned that your defunct Blog was so acrid that it was banned by the Town Council from the Town of Southbridge Website and that you had a Blog on the Telegram that was shut down, too. Apparently you scrubbed all evidence of your Blog, but I have heard that it did not require real names and was occasiinally effective because of anonymity allowing serious news from town employees to see the light of day....

    If you want to be taken seriously, it is probably best if you are not critical of things that you are more guilty of than those you accuse? Hsve you noticed the people you put down all got more votes than you did? That should help uou evaluate your Legacy. That is probably why you are referred to as the "town clown" by those that you criticize?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Mr. J,

    You don't know me, know my history...

    So don't work, so you're threat of losing your job is none. The reason you don't say who you are has nothing to do with retribution, but further embarrassing yourself.

    You don't know who I am, but you know how many votes I got five, six years back? Sorry, the SNEWS doesn't work that way. You are the last person anyone takes seriously which is why you hide.

    I was on a Republican committee, with you, where all people did was bitch and moan.

    I'm not playing your game of gutless, anonymous, criticism. In the words of a long gone councilor, you need to grow a pair.

    And you posted to my "defunct blog", which I gladly closed on my own due to people like you, hypocrite.

    Just fade away now. Southbridge won't miss you. I don't miss you.

  9. Mr. Martinek, all one has to do to know about you is Google your name and "Dudley District".

    It is bad enough that you argue with a straw man, it the things you wrote about the Town Republican committee are below the belt, truly unfair, and unproven garbage.

    In particular, Mr. Jaynes, Mr.Stypek, Mr. Marino, and Mr. Christo all do more for Southbridge than you do, at least from what I have observed

    1. "From what I have observed", and yet you don't know me? Right. Keep playing that card. Your tells are very specific. Thanks for validating who you are. Below the belt, truly unfair, and unproven? I was there, as were you. Perhaps I should tell people what to Google for your sordid history? As a member of the Southbridge Republican Committee, you're not very wise.

  10. Please Mr.Martinek, don't get mad at me because You areb't as famous as you think you might be? My sorid history? My serving on the Republican Town Committee? Don't you have to be registered to vote to be on that? You should write directly to the man you love to hate, because you are starting to scare me and this is my last comment on this website for awhile..

    My Martinek, all I want to know is what favor Senator Fattman did for you. I realize your focus of s about you, but actually after reading this weird thread, the Senator being the friend of a conspiracy theorist on Ozone ain't going to help him much. If you can't get over this person you are obsessed with, you probably can not accomplish much of anything. Did this guy vanquish you in Court or something? Steal your wife for a weekend? Put one of your campaign signs in his kitty liter box?

    Anyway, the only Mr. J I have learned about on the Republican Committee is Mr. Jaynes, and like I said before, he was nice and so was Mr. Marino. You are big on names, using false Tweets on Mr. Vecchia, crying about my not wanting to use my name, who are you claiming is the racist republican? Why nit just write it? If soneone said something to your face that was racist, why are you hiding names? I like the Southbridge Republican from what I have seen.

    It is funny, I used to think that you are Marketti were the same person, but I Googled you and you have actually attacked him in the public venue, too. The difference between you and Mister Marketti is that he is a talented artist with a clue and you are a conspiracy theorist that would be beaten by Jerry in a Town Council race.

    And BTW, I DO have a job as a Home Health aid, and I better get back to work. And just in case you did not know, Mrs. Dogwood was the name used by Ben Franklin because he'd end up in Court for using his real name because people like you have always been around.


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