Friday, April 24, 2015

Southbridge School Committee Agenda - April 28, 2015

Southbridge School Committee Meeting

MacKinnon Council Chambers

April 28, 2015

7 PM



  1. Is the rent paid by the Council Vice Chair for renting space at the old High School public record?

    The Vice Chair used to blame the Schools for his committee not being able to find a Town Manager.

    You don't hear him complaining anymore.

    Do they still need to comply with that separation of Church and State?

    1. Maybe the Vice Chair is getting a great deal, but it is not like he is making a fortune in that space manufacturing widgets- he is providing tutoring services to the students that need them. Any income he makes us likely minimal.

      The connection to his Church is in a gray area, but Southbridge government is less gray than it has been in the past, and it may be best to just leave this sleeping dog snooze.

      Why not invite another religious org to to put a private school on Cole Ave and provide education for the students that have been run out of the High School for behavioral issues? If they are also given a good deed discount like the Vice Chairman it could be a win/win deal for all involved.

    2. Didn't we try the 'alternative school' thing already???? Wasn't it in one of the buildings in the AO Complex - lots of $$$$$ - a big disaster as I recall....

  2. one Important detailApril 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM

    The position being held by the Vice Chairman at the after school program at the old High School will soon be filled by two people, and once they are up to per he will be leaving.

    The former school needs to be heated anyway, so that program, despite being religious in nature, is doing good work. It is not like it is displacing another tenant.

    1. Regardless of the good works being done there - It is one thing to minimally heat a building to keep the pipes from freezing....another, to heat, lite, air condition (yes - some of those 'administrative' offices have airconditioning) - provide janitorial services and maintain the grounds etc all year long. The Town Manager / Town Council is looking to relocate the School Dept Administrative offices so they can shut down the building all in an effort to help close the HUGE money gap in the School Dept budget. Would be great if everything had been managed properly and we were only talking about a few thousand $$$ - but the SC is looking for a 2.7 million $$$ increase - hello?????

    2. To Sharon. I have the perfect place to put them. The can into the old balcony in the attic of the town hall with all the other bats......

    3. Good One!! Funny, but all of this is sooo sad. What a horrible the way, should be an interesting SC mtg tonite. Wonder if anything will be said about Brent's tirade @ the TC mtg last nite ?!?!?!?! Probably not. If you didn't see it - the video was just posted on this website. WARNING - take a couple Advil and/or pour a glass, or 2, or 3.....


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