Friday, April 24, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - April 27, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda

MacKinnon Council Chambers

April 27, 2015

7:00 PM



  1. Abrahamson Must Go - NOW !!!!April 27, 2015 at 9:08 PM

    What an absolute disgrace Brent Abrahmson was tonight during citizens' forum. He should resign from the school committee Immediately !
    Where was the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the school committee? Why was Abrahamson representing the school committee?
    It so obvious that Donovan and McLoughlin have unofficially resigned their positions. So what school district will Donovan and McLoughlin's kids be attending in September?
    Way to go girls - ruin the school district and run away. Just like Tarantino and Laliberte! History repeats itself..
    But if nothing else is clear - Abrahamson needs to go.

  2. It is so easy to call for resignations. Abrahamson did not earn a place in our diplomatic corp last night, but he spoke as a private citizen, and he gas a right to do so.

    At least a part of his criticism was valid.

    What upset me is that the Council member that has actually motioned an action not on the agenda this past fall, a motion that passed, interrupted Councilor Steeves when Steeves was responding to Brent's comments.claiming that HE was not following the law. In fact, councilor Clemence responded to another citizen's forum speaker last night, but when another Council member does it, she claims it was unlawful!

    It is too late to recall her because we are within six months of the end of her term, and she has taken out papers for re-election, so we will have an opportunity to vote against her this June, which is not too soon.


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